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Review: Alpinestars SMX-1 R, short cane, high sportiness

Reviews and tests 18 April, 2016

We analyze...

The SMX-1 R Alpinestars boots are the new short rod boots designed for users looking for a bike shoes that allow them to run safely on the tarmac and walk easily down the street. The SMX-1 R and its Lady version are ideal to combine everyday's life with adequate protection to ride on bike... and with a sporty touch that no other short rod boots in the market can equal!

Materials and construction
The outer material is microfiber, similar to leather in touch but also in abrasion resistance and durability propieties, but having the advantatge of an easy maintenance and greater comfort than the rigid leather. The Lady version also incorporates a side panel with a snakeskin pattern for a bolder look.

Overall view ot the SMX-1 R boots (left) and the Lady version (right).

The construction of the SMX-1 R features a sporty design that seeks precisely the flexibility and security offered by theAlpinestars racing boots. Thus we find totally free from elements instep construction and accordion pannels, a desing repeated in the area of the Achilles tendon. On the sides, the panels surrounding these areas are from microfiber, providing lateral rigidity to the whole boot.

Instep zone close up, featuring an acordion pannel made from microfiber in both boots.

Protection and interior
We found numerous protectors that make the SMX-1 R one of the sportiest short rod boots in the market. There is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) slider, fully replaceable, and a TPR protector on the instep to prevent wear by the shift lever.
The entire heel is reinforced: both TPR and TPU are combined to ensure maximum protection and structural integrity of the boot.

Both boots feature TPU made heel protector.

Also working for maximum protection, the inner padding features a denser foam in the ankle area. There is also a hard reinforcement at the tip of the boots to protect fingers. The inner lining is fully mircroperforated for optimal transpiration.
Talking about ventilation, it is noteworthy that, in addition to the standard SMX-1R and SMX-1R Lady, Alpinestars offers a version with perforated leather called SMX-1 R Vented, which will be the best choice for those who move only motorcycle in summer or those who prefer greater ventilation of their feets.
The sole of the SMX-1 R is made of rubber. It presents an complex pattern of channels, like those of present on tire, to evacuate water efficiently. The bridge of the boot has a special design to ensure proper grip on the footrests. Inside, the sole has a special compound from the Italian brand that seeks maximum grip that is also used in their high boots range models.

The boots’ sole presents a sophisticated water evacuation patern.

Fastener and adjustments
The boots have a double Velcro closure, along with a side zipper. The first velcro strap adjust the grip of the boot and features a metal buckle while the second velcro zone acts as cover for the side zipper. In our opinion is a ultrafast system to put the boots.The closing system features a velcro strap with metal buckle.

In short, with the SMX-1 R in all its versions Alpinestars offers us a short rod boots with a sportier character S-MX 1 model but without having to enter in the segment of high boots, thus winning in comfort but without losing protection.


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