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Review: Alpinestars S-MX Plus, road and track purposes

Reviews and tests 15 March, 2015

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Just behind the most sporty motorbike boots, the Alpinestars Supertech R, we find a more versatile sport product, suitable both for track and road. The Alpinestars S-MX Plus offer a great balance between the road and track features.

Design and materials

As sporty boots they are, the Alpinestars SM-X Plus have as a main goal to ensure the integrity of thye leg, knee and foot in case of a fall, so its materials and also the Link Control System have been designed to guarantee the maximum security. Actually, this system is a technology that prevents the feet from hypertorsion, hyperextension and hyperflexion. But behind this external skeleton we find other flexible areas according to give our foot’s natural movements.

The material used for these boots is high technology microfiber, that has very similar features than the leather. We also see in the internal side of the boot a very flat profile, for an optimal touch and control between the rider and the bike.

Frontal view of the Alpinestars S-MX Plus boots.


There are other elements which help to the general protection of these boots. From the materials of construction until the protective elements, the S-MX have a main objective: to offer the maximum protection. In the ankle’s area we find a reinforcement which will help to slide in an event of a fall, dispersing correctly the energy of the area. The boots also incorporate in the external toecap the typical slider, made of TPU (Thermoplastic Poliuretane), and it is removable. On the heel’s area we also find another slider, that is also removable.

Detail of the reinforcement removable on the heel’s area.

If we go to the shank of the boot, we find a rigid protector with the brand’s logo. Its purpose is to offer protection to the leg in case of impact. On the instep of the boot, there is a reinforcement on the gearshift, providing touch to the area and protection to the wear.


The Alpinestars SMX include an internal boot, but it is non removable. This inner protects our feet and ankles. Its puroposes are offer an excellent adjustment to the foot and protect the area with a good ergonomy. The materials of this inner boot is the exacty the same used on the external boot’s interiors, so the touch is the same in all the areas of the boot. The material is a synthetic and microperforated fabric, that will offer a great ventilation and an optimal touch. 

Detail of the inner boot of the Alpinestars S-MX Plus, with lace closure in its interior and a zipper closure as main and external closure.

The inner boot has a lace closure that we will adjust through an easy pressing closure. The rest of the laces can be fixed to the inner of the boot thanks to a Velcro system.


We have to highlight that the boot has a shy ventilation system if we compare it to the Alpinestars Supertech-R. The reason is that a boot with less ventilation can offer a greater thermal protection, so we will be able to use these boots during many seasons of the year. The air inlets are placed in the instep of the boot, while the air outlet is in the right side of the heel.

Detalle de la entrada de aire del sistema de ventilación de la bota.


The SMX Plus’ sole has been designed to offer a great contact with the motorbike and an excellent grip to the stirrups. Its lines are very similar to the racing rain tyres, according to offer a great evacuation of the water to the exterior.

The lines of the sole are designed to provide an excellent water evacuation.

Closures and adjustments

The SMX Plus have two main closures on its external side. The main one is a zipper that begins on the boots’ instep and goes up to the shaft. This closure is protected by a microfiber tongue in one side and on the other we find a flexible fabric to adapt perfectly to the foot. This closure has a velcro finish to ensure its fixed to the boot. A micrometric closure will assure the boot’s closure system and will provide a good adjustment and isolation to the rider’s leg.

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