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Review: Alpinestars Supertech-R vs S-MX Plus

Reviews and tests 30 June, 2015

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The S-MX Plus are the most sporty version of the popular family S-MX, while the Supertech R are the boots born from the Alpinestars' experience on the track. Two different ways to get the same goal: sportivity.

Here they are: 2015 Supertech R and the S-MX Plus, Alpinestars sportiest boots! The Supertech R is mainly designed for track use, while the S-MX Plus offers a dual use of track and road thanks to a less radical design.
Materials and construction
Both boots use the same main construction materials. Microfiber is the main material, thanks to its similar leather proprieties. It’s featured on the entire body of each boot, and is disposed in accordion pattern in the critical points that need high performance flexibility. The microfiber is alternated with the titanium and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) protectors, while perforated microfiber is the main choice in the inner lining on both booths.
Lateral view of the S-MX Plus (left) and Supertech R (right), featuring micrometric and zipper fastenings and toe’s and heel’s sliders.
Both boots have highly sporty lines, so the inner profile are completely flat for a better feel and control with bike’s frame. Supertech R excelled in this zone, because it features a special material that not only offers better feel, it also help to dissipate engine’s heat. Talking about ergonomics, both boots have a very thin toe box surface, greatly improving gear shifting and better control and mobility while riding.
Protections and fastenings
Supertech R features an inner boot with multiple protectors, so the boot doesn’t features big outer protectors. Neverless, the most prominent protection is situated in the boot’s shaft. Made from TPU and incorporating Alpinestars logo, it’s bigger than its S-MX Plus counterpart and protects better form hits and scratches. In the other hand we got the S-MX Plus protection system, that is reliant in the Multi Link Constrol, as the boot doesn’t feature an inner boot. The Multi Link Control is an interesting device that restricts undesired foot movements, preventing injuries derived from hypertension, hyperflexion or hyperextension movements. So we have two different concepts in matter of security, and both are equally meaningful: the Supertech R protects from inside out and the S-MX Plus does it from outside to inside.
As additional protectors, both boots have lateral heel sliders. These sliders are not design to save the boot form abrasion, like the toe or heel ones. They search for a better sliding when we fall off and we keep sliding in the tarmac. In fact, it acts like an energy distortion control, avoiding sudden stoppages that can injure our ankles. As we mentioned, toe and heel sliders are too present, TPU made and totally replaceable.
The two boots have instep rubber reinforcements, looking improved feeling while shifting and microfiber endurance too in this critical point. The main difference is that the Supertech R is bigger compared to S-MX Plus one.
The shifter protector is featuerd in both models, but in the Supertech R is bigger.
The ventilation system is very different when comparing the Supertech R with the S-MX Plus. The first one is highly ventilated, with big air intakes as is needed when you’re racing. The boot’s shaft features different air intake, one bigger than the other, but all with the common feature of an inner 3D mesh for maximum foot transpiration. The reason to put the air entries in the shaft is simple: is the boot area which receives most of the wind while riding. All the air flows to two exits situated in both sides of the heel.
The S-MX plus are totally different from the ventilation point of view: they’re design to offer thermal protection in all seasons, so ventilation is restricted. Obviously, this allows for a better versatility of use than the radical Supertech R. The only air entry is featured in the instep and it flow trough the boot to the lonely lateral heel exit.
Differences are big here. The Supertech R has a removable inner boot, while this is not the case in the S-MX Plus. The Supertech’s inner boot is made with 3D mesh and looks for an outstanding ergonomics and protection for our feet. The Kevlar made shoelaces combined with Velcro ads for a great adjustment. In the other hand, the S-MX Plus have an inner design that works searching for security and thermal protection, as one can see in the main fabric, which is less perforated compared to the Supertech R. 
S-MX Plus non removible inner boot (left) and the removible Supertech R inner boot (right).
The two boots have the same locking system, entrusted to a lateral zip reinforced with Velcro and micrometric fastener in the top of the boot for better shaft adjustment. The different is in the details: Supertech R features a flap on the top of the shaft that features inner silicon bands for better leather suit grip and the micrometric fastener is concealed in the shaft after locking it. Both features are focused for track riding. 
Both soles have been design to improve riding feeling in every situation, but also traction and grip. The Supertech R features a double pattern design, one looking for water evacuation and the other for footrest grip.
In the case of the S-MX Plus, it has a single tread pattern, designed for water evacuation.
Sole close view: Alpinestars S-MX Plus (top) and Suertech R (below).
In resume, both boots are sporty but each one has been design for a different degree of performance. The S-MX Plus are made for road users who can, occasionally, go on weekend track days and want a boot which combine the two uses. In the other hand, the Supertech R are pure racing boots homologated for road use too. The choice is yours.

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