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Review: Alpinestars Tech 6S, for the young racers

Reviews and tests 13 January, 2016

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The Alpinestars Tech 6S are off-road junior boots designed for children and preteens who have already begun in the world of motocross or enduro. The Tech 6S incorporate all the knowledge in boots from Alpinestars, as it shares many elements from the brand's excellent off-road Tech boots range.

Structure and materials
We can consider the Tech 6S as a scaled version of the Tech-10 boots, the more sofisticated off-road boots from the brand. Thus, we find that the structure of the Tech 6S is almost identical to these but also its materials: the boots have a leather coating on the outside, while the interior is lined with laminated open cell Polifabric to improve circulation from air. Between these materials there is a high density padding that improves shock absorption in ankle and heel areas. But the protective elements are also present in more zones: there’s protective polyurethane in the outer ankle and heel, coating is greater on the inner side of the boot, and to this Alpinestars also adds tigid polyurethane to shin.

Alpinestars Tech 6S general view.

The structure of Tech 6S follows the lines of other Thech range boots with a built in accordion panels on the side of the Achilles tendon and the instep area to provide better flexing. There’re details that enhance comfort, like the use of stretch fabric and an inner finishing in suede on the inside of the cane to provide a double benefit: more grip but also thermal insulation. And in search of a better sealing, the cane edge has a rubber sheet finish.

Inner material close-up, we can see different layers of materials used in order to fix the feet and give enough perspiration.

Fasteners and adjustments
Fastening system features three buckles, with the first and last deployed in opposite direction which offers greater guarantees that will remain in place unchanged. The buckles are low profiled and have a micrometric strap to ‘memorize’ the position profile. The quick locking system makes it easy to fasten these boots, even for children, but the hardness of the closure prevents anyone from opening up.

Three buckles are the main fasteners, each one with a micrometric strap that memorises the position.

Finally, the sole has a special rubber compound and a pattern of small knobs blocks in toe and heel alternated with central channels to evacuate water and mud. Inside, there is a removable template, optimized for maximum flexibility.

The Alpinestars Tech 6S sole feature a two step zones and its pattern combine water evacuation groves along knobs for improved traction.

As a comparation with other junior boots, while the Alpinestars Tech 3S boots are off-road initiation for kids, while Tech 6S are designed for the same audience but looking forwrard offering the same protection technology as any senior rider boots.


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