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Review: Alpinestars Ast-1 boots

Reviews and tests 26 April, 2017

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The Alpinestars Ast-1 are an excellent choice if you are looking for a shoe that offers protection on the bike but you don't want to wear boots. A novelty from Alpinestars that has been designed to offer great comfort and practicality.

Construction and materials

Within the range of urban Alpinestars shoes, the Ast-1 are located one step above the Faster-2, but with a lower cane design than the SP-1. Thus, we have an almost perfect hybrid between motorcycle boot and urban shoe.

Alpinestars Ast-1General view of the Alpinestars Ast-1, a urban boots very versatile.

The materials used for this type of construction are diverse: leather, synthetic microfiber and fabric. The microfiber forms the main structure on the inner side of the boot, while on the outer side we have fabric. On the toe, heel and tongue we have full grain leather, the highest quality. Alpinestars also markets a waterproof version, the Ast-1 Drystar, which incorporate the waterproof and breathable membrane of the brand.


The Ast-1 have reinforced heel and toe with an ergonomic design that provides comfortability in addition to protection. The outer side is also reinforced: we have two outer panels of TPU. One includes reflective inserts, while the one near the toe has a carbon-like finish.

Alpinestars Ast-1Detail of some protections that have the Alpinestars Ast-1.

On the outer side of the ankle there is a rigid protection, while on the inner side we have a TPU, integrated between the microfiber and the inner foam. Another TPU protector covers the area in contact with the shift lever, providing tact and resistance.


The interior of the Ast-1 is made in 3D mesh lining, which provides us high transpiration and ventilation. However, we see how at the entrance of the cane and inside the tongue we find rotated leather, improving comfort in an area of ​​the foot that is subjected to a constant friction. In addition, it has high performance padding to make the adjustment of this area even more optimal.

Alpinestars Ast-1Detail of the interior of the Alpinestars Ast-1, where we see the mesh fabric and the leather on top, to win in comfort.

Sole and closure

The insole of these shoes is made of polyurethane in the heel area to improve the stability and comfort. The sole is made with a vulcanized rubber compound exclusive of the Italian company; Its design features a hexagonal pattern on the front and circular design on the back, designed for both motorbike and walking.

Alpinestars Ast-1The sole of the Ast-1 is made with a vulcanized rubber compound exclusive of the Italian brand; Its design features a hexagonal pattern on the front and circular design on the back.

The closure of the Ast-1 is by cords. Alpinestars has included a snap button on the neck of the boot. In this way we can fix the cords.

Alpinestars Ast-1As we see in the image, the closure of the Alpinestars Ast-1 is by lace, approaching the maximum to an urban shoe.

In short, the Alpinestars Ast-1 have a complete and very original approach to motorcycle footwear. With a certain sporty character, the Ast-1 are perfect for the commuting. Because protecting our feet should not be at odds with the comfort and functionality we need for day-to-day life.


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