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Review: Alpinestars boots for MX and Enduro

Reviews and tests 12 May, 2015

We analyze...

The Alpinestars Tech boots range has been created to satisfy all motocross and enduro lovers and it is also useful for the enjoyment of all off-road variants. In this article we’ll analyze and compare them all going from the most versatile boots to the most technical ones.

From left to right: Alpinestars Tech 10, Tech 8, Tech 7, Tech 5 and Tech 3.

Alpinestars Tech 3

The access boots on the offroad are the Alpinestars Tech 3, a very versatile boots, with a good value for money and that mantain the lines and design of their bigger sisters. This product has been designed for being useful in any kind of terrain and offroad motorbike. Despite it’s true we are in front boots designed mainly for MX or Enduro, the Alpinestars Tech 3 are suitable for everything, even trail or access trial. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, these boots offer an optimal touch according to provide confidence and enough protection to the user.

Details of the side and rear areas of the Alpinestars Tech 3 boots.

The boot includes four closures and the lowest one is placed on inverse, to avoid hits and for a longer use. This solution, designed by Alpinestars, is in every boot we will analyse today.

The Tech 3 boot hasn’t got inner boot, but it features a technical textile, which offers us breathability, comfort and feet grip. There is an interior anatomical sole.

On its external surface, we find Action Leather, a textile very similar to the leather, which offers an optimal protection against external elements and in event of a fall. We also find accordion textile areas according to offer natural movements of our feet and legs. 

If we have a look to the sole, it has been designed to avoid any non desirable movement of our feet, while its grooves have been designed to provide a good grip with the stirrup.

The sole is integrated with the rest of the boot (left). General view of the sole (upside right) and the closing system (downside right).

For additional information, you can have a look to our specific article here.

Alpinestars Tech 5

Another boot that combines the features of a more technical boot and the versatility of an access boot is the Alpinestars Tech 5, which includes design and lines of the Tech 7 and Tech 10 boots, and the plane profile on its interior side. The sole design wants to offer a good protection to the foot with its multicompound that integrates the sole with the rest of the boot in a natural way. There are wide accordion areas which assure us certain freedom of movements when we are riding the motorbike.

Tech 5’s accordion microfiber zone close up (left), the great finishes of the boot (upside right) and the protector located on its inner side (downside right).

Boot’s instep features a gearshift reinforcement and a fiber panel designed to drain water. Protections are more widespread than in the Tech 3, as we can find TPU panels at the shaft top and inner and outer ankle reinforcements on a biomechanical construction, looking for movement and safety at the same time.

The four polymer made buckles assure a perfect fitment. As we have seen in the Tech 3, the first one in on opposite direction to minimize bumps and scratches. All the buckles are replaceable and have metal reinforcements for a better overall endurance (in the Tech 3 they were made in plastic).

Alpinestars Tech 5 toe box close up (left) sole (top right) and buckle system (downside right).

The inner zone features a main fabric that extends all over the boots inner padding, offering comfort and grip in equal parts. The same fabric rolls in the boots shaft o double the sense of touch and also impedes water and mud from entering. The Eva foam made insole is completely removable.

Alpinestars Tech 7

The Alpinestars Tech 7 have a great balance between comfort and security. The Tech 7 are in the technical side of the Alpinestars boot range, but the main difference between them and the Tech 8 and 10 is in the lack of inner boot of the 7. But anyway, we find a huge feet and leg safety levels thanks to the external boot design. This way, the buckles and the sole have big polymer-made zones for the feet and in the ankle zone we find a biomechanical system looking to improve leg movements. The boots shaft also incorporates a TPU protector that, in clear difference with the Tech 5, is not sealed to the boot, so we’ll have better comfort but the same level of protection. A TPU protector is also featured in the back of the boot.


Alpinestar Tech 7 side view (left) plus details in the upper zone (top right), rear side and the ankle accordion flex zone (downside right).

Comfort is a important matter in these boots, as one can see in the big accordion flex zone featured in the rear and front. The frontal area appears to be lower than other design lines, searching for a better fit of the gearshift. As it lacks from inner boot, our feet safety relies in the outter safety elements above mentioned. So the inner padding looks comfort and grip, featuring a non-skid heel zone and ankle and shin padding reinforcements.

The boots central sole can be removed and changed, while the main tread pattern is design in order to offer a total grip with bike’s footrest combined with water and mud draining. Looking at the buckles, they have memory position and are metallic made and replaceable. The first buckle (from down to top) is in opposite direction from the rest in order to minimize bumps and scratches on this zone.

Close view from the toe box (left), sole (top right) and buckle system (down left).

Alpinestars Tech 8

Here we have a boot with a classic cut in the design lines but that have been evolving all along these years, making it a choice for all who want a more rigid boot structure that in the Tech 10 and a cool metal toe cap.

The Alpinestars Tech 8 RS are made with strong and durable materials, as we can see in the microfiber leather used as main confection materials, also very practical from the cleanliness point of view.

’Accordion’ flex zone close up (left), upper zone (top right) and inner external zone (downside left)

The word ‘classic’ define the Tech 8 design lines but not the technology we can find in these boots, which Alpinestars provided with the latest in comfort and protection for the off-road. For example, there’s an accordion flex zone in the Achilles heel and the toe box for a better feet and leg movement. These flexible zones are protected by a polymer made external skeleton that protects the heel and the calf. The same material gets integrated in the shin zone along the polymer-allow made buckle system. These for buckles are totally replaceable.

The boots also features more protection elements like the toe metal cap combined with a polymer-made toe zone. The external inner sidelines are totally flat, looking for an optimal contact patch with the bike, and reinforced for a improved leg and ankle protection.

Metal toe cap and heel protector are trademarks elements of the Tech 8 RS.

An important feature from the Tech 8 boots is the 3D mesh inner boot, adding better feet ventilation and comfort. The inner boot, that is removable and washable, have gel inserts in the ankle top zone for an improved protection and inside we’ll find a removable anatomical insole. As a detail, the inner boot features a strap in the upper zone in order to ease putting the boot on without the need to take out the inner boot.

Tech 8 main view (left), TPU side protector  (top left) and inner boot (downside left)

The Alpinestars Tech 8 also have a rubber finished upper zone to impede water and mud from entering or a sole with a remplaceable central part. The Tech 8 RS are selle in white colour for the ventilated version (thanks to the microperforated external material) and in black in the basic version.

Alpinestars Tech 10

Y las últimas botas de nuestro análisis son las Alpinestars Tech 10, un producto muy técnico, que se renueva constantemente y que calzan los principales pilotos de motocross. La principal característica de estas botas es su botín interior extraíble, que además de ofrecer comodidad y un correcto ajuste del pie, incorpora elementos de protección en el área del talón y del tobillo. Su sistema de rotación permite los movimientos naturales del pie pero evitan otros movimientos indeseados que podrían ser causa de lesión.

Este botín está confeccionado con malla transpirable, protecciones TPU y una plantilla anatómica extraíble y reemplazable en su interior. También incorpora un cierre de velcro, para un óptimo ajuste del pie. El hecho de incorporar protecciones en el botín hace que la bota principal prescinda de ciertas protecciones más rígidas y pueda ofrecer al piloto la flexibilidad necesaria en la práctica del motocross, todo ello sin afectar en la integridad de la pierna o pie del piloto. Prueba de ello es que la bota presenta tres cierres de hebilla, en lugar de los cuatro cierres que incorporan el resto de botas. En cuanto a estos cierres, los dos primeros se atan de manera inversa para evitar posibles golpes en el mecanismo y éstos incorporan el aluminio como elemento principal. Estas hebillas son reemplazables. 

En cuanto a las protecciones externas, encontramos en la zona de la pantorrilla una gran área en TPU (Poliuretano Termoplástico) y una protección que cubre toda la zona del tendón de Aquiles. Estas protecciones se integran las unas con las otras para ofrecer la máxima integridad de la bota. En la zona delantera, volvemos a encontrar el TPU en la protección de la espinilla, que no está unida a la bota para ofrecer mayor comodidad y en la la zona interna del tobillo y el pie encontramos un amplio protector integrado en el talón de la bota como en la suela y puntera de la bota.

Los materiales usados para la confección de esta bota son la piel de plena flor y la microfibra, pues proporcionan un óptimo tacto, resistencia ante golpes y abrasiones y ofrecen una correcta protección ante el agua, el barro u otros elementos externos. La suela de la bota ha sido diseñada para ofrecer un excelente agarre al estribo de la moto en todo momento y se puede reemplazar parcialmente o bien en su totalidad.

Resumiendo, las Alpinestars Tech 3 son las botas ideales para aquellos que se inician en el mundo del off-road o que practican indistintamente motocross con enduro. Las Tech 5 mantienen una gran relación calidad-precio y son unas botas con un nivel de acabados superior a las Tech 3. En cuanto a las Tech 7, éstas han sido diseñadas para un uso mayoritario de motocross, ofreciendo ligereza, flexibilidad y protección. Además, son las botas de gama alta indicadas para aquellos usuarios que no desean pilotar un botín interior en la bota. En cuanto a las Tech 8 RS, son unas botas de corte clásico para aquellos que buscan unas botas muy duraderas y que puedan ser llevadas en la práctica de cualquier modalidad de off-road. Por último, las botas más técnicas y enfocadas claramente al motocross, son las Alpinestars Tech 10, que con su botín interior, ofrecen un equilibrado conjunto que aúna ligereza, flexibilidad controlada del pie y de la pierna, protección integral y un diseño muy actual.

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