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Review: Dainese Axial Pro In, Dainese’s racing boots

Reviews and tests 31 August, 2015

We analyze...

The Dainese Axial Pro In are the more elaborate sporty boots from the Italian brand, been used in racing among the best riders in the world like MotoGP stars Valentino Rossi or Pol Espargaró. Without any doubt, its special construction makes the Axial Pro In a very high quality product that offers total protection.

The name Axial Pro In indicates the main concept behind these boots: ‘Axial Pro’ is a design based in an articulated structure called D-Axial that unites the boot with the shaft in order to merge protection and mobility. The ‘In’ in the name refers to the fact that the boots are design to be wear inside the suit pants, so the shaft of the boot remains inside the suite.
Dainese Axial Pro InAt first sight, the Axial Pro structure is the most identifiable characteristic of these Dainese.
So, when wearing the Axial Pro In in a Dainese suit, we’ll fix the shaft’s Velcro to the inner Velcro zone situated inside each leg and then close the lower zip. Dainese have chosen this new design in order to gain lightness and structural rigidity without losing freedom of movements.
The outer boots material is made from polyurethane and high resistance polyamide microfiber, a perfect material to substitute the use of leather thanks to its better endurance and elastic properties.
Dainese Axial Pro InDifferent close ups showing the variety of materials used in these boots: carbón, titanium, Velcro and technical microfibers.
The boots shaft -that goes inside the suit- is totally made in D-Stone fabric, a high resistance nylon fabric with elastomeric insertions. Between the shaft and the instep there’s a big ‘accordion type’ zone looking for better flexibility.
Last but not least, the boots interior lining is made in suede offering us grip and abrasion and engine heat protection.
As we mention before, the Axial Pro In main characteristic is the feature of the D-Axial articulated ankle protection system. Is made from two panels fix to the inner boot by two axis bestowing mobility (specially supination movement) but also impeding any possibility of lateral torsion and injuries derive of it.
The reinforcement on the D-Axial is massive: the axis is metallic and all other components are carbon and Kevlar made. This way also diminishes injuries by impact.
Dainese Axial Pro InInstep, heel and toecap reinforcements.
The articulated system is complemented by other protections. Two metallic ones: one in the toe cap, that acts as a slider and can be replaced and another in the heel reinforcing the TPU protector that covers both heel flanks. Also there’s reinforcement in the instep zone, adding grip and feel when using the camshaft. Finally, the heel has a rigid propylene protector.
You can see how all these protections work following the analysis made by Dainese of Moto 2’s rider Sandro Cortese crash at Qatar GP, back in 2014. The construction and durable materials of the Axial Pro In boots saved Cortese sports carrer.

Interior and fasteners
Both inner boot and inner lining feature microperforated double knit fabric. Between the fabric and the Kevlar featured in the outer zone there’s a padding in order to soften eventual hits.
Dainese Axial Pro InRear zipper close up.
The fasten system is called Speed Lacing System, composed of laces with pulley and Velcro anchorages that allows for a fast closing. This system is combined with the outer rear zip.
Soles pattern have changed from previous models. Now offers a mix pattern of water draining channels within a hexagonal design, result of Dainese constant innovation in MotoGP.
Dainese Axial Pro InThe sole have an elaborated and studied design.
The Dainese Axial Pro In have been designed to endure all kind of hard punishment, including hits and abrasion. The singular D-Axial structure and the inner suit position are the result of Dainese racing experience. These elements along a 100% Italian made production and the use of materials form prestigious brands like DuPont offers you a top quality product.

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