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Review: Dainese Dinamica D-WP motorcycle boots

Reviews and tests 24 April, 2019

We analyze...

How to choose your motorcycle boots? What are the features to consider, why can the Dainese Dinamica D-WP motorcycle boots be the perfect solution? Versatile motorcycle boots, extremely comfortable, waterproof, offering good protection and more. Discover our analysis!

Great Dainese novelty: the Dainese Dinamica-WP motorcycle short boots with a sporty look and waterproof membrane. Stay tuned, we analyze them just for you below.

 Dainese Motorcycle Boots, features

  • Material: high tenacity polyamide fabric
  • Nylon protection in the heel TPU protection on the back
  • Tip reinforced rubber foot TPU protection on the selector
  • Flexible insert for maximum flexibility
  • Zipper on the back of the boot
  • Dainese D-WP waterproof interior patented
  • TPU insert for extra grip
  • Rubber sole
  • Reflective elements in case of low light
  • Motorcycle boots certified according to the European standard
  • Price and availability

Which motorcycle boot to choose? These Dainese Dinamica D-WP ara a good option.

Really very, very nice these boots! We can already say from the outset that these boots offer a sporty, aggressive and a futuristic look.

These motorcycle boots are like shoes, a perfect option for all your weekend excursions but also for everyday life.

Why we are telling you this? Because these motorcycle boots are very versatile and comfortable boots throught the soft inserts and a zipper on the back.

Regarding the material. These boots are made of high tenacity polyamide. Resistance and protection is indisputable.

For protections? We find a nylon heel, a TPU insert on the back, rigid inserts on the ankles, reinforced toe and another TPU protection on the selector.

One of the most important features of these Dainese Dinamica D-WP, and as its name suggests is, its the D-WP waterproof membrane. Which makes them (again) a very versatile boots for all weather conditions.

Small details besides that I like? TPU inserts for better grip, rubber outsole, and reflective inserts to be visible in low light conditions.

Conclusion of the analysis

In summary, if you are looking for short boots, very versatile, very comfortable, with protection for your daily commute, these Dainese motorcycle boots could be the ideal solution. To get an idea, we could compare them with Alpinestars Faster 2 or Dainese Motorshoe.


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