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Review: Dainese Latemar, premium touring boots

Reviews and tests 9 September, 2015

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The Dainese Latemar Gore-Tex are a Premium touring range boots that feature the best technology in insulation against the cold and water. Thanks to its comfortable design, it allows both day-by-day or long trips use inder all kind of weather conditions on different seasons.

Materials and structure
The outer material of the Latemar is made of bovine full-grain leather; that is: the outer side of the skin stronger. Is accepted that is the best kind of leather possible, thanks to its natural properties, providing the Latemar with a great durability and resistance to abrasion. Dainese has combined this with an inner Gore-Tex fibre layer to provide excellent protection against water and wind, plus great breathability.
Dainese Latemar Gore TexIf we open the boot’s zippers, we easily see the “double shaft” structure.

The outer main structure has a particular shaft design: if we open the shaft’s zippers, inside we’ll find another shaft, similar to a non-removable gaiter. The design provides a totally hermetic boot, providing enough space between the gaiter and the shaft to place the trousers’ leg. Thus, the interior is well insulated and any water trying to enter the boot will be drained towards the two perforated exits featured on the end of both shaft zippers.

Dainese Latemar Gore TexWater drainage exits close up, situated in the shaft’s base.

To improve shaft’s perspiration the inner boot has microperforated areas of two different sizes. And it’s not the only zone with this solution: outer areas feature laser etched microperforation for hotter temperatures, making the Latemar very suitable for an all-year use.

The boots incorporate accordion panels in the Achilles’ tendon and boot’s instep, enhancing the flexibility of the boot.

And if we go inside the boot, it has a very special breathable waterproof fabric, in addition to Gore-Tex winter lining designed to provide maximum comfort in autumn, winter and spring.

There’re reinforcements in the boot’s critical areas, designed to offer wear resistance for prolonged use and protection of our foot. On the outside we find a TPU made reinforced area for the shift lever and another reinforced zone in the outer ankle protection with a textile finish that maintains stiffness in that area but also protects us from engine’s heat.
Dainese Latemar Gore TexProtections and reinforcements (left) and articulated pannels (right).
The inner heel zone is rigid and stiff, creating a rock-solid base that prevents unwanted ankle lateral movements. Furthermore, shaft’s outer face features TPU under the leather to act as a shin guard.
The flexible rubber sole has a differentiated design that helps water drainage. The frontal and rear areas feature grooves, while the central area is rubber-studded in order to guarantee a good grip with the footrest and the sole has two heights to maximize this grip we’re talking about.
Dainese Latemar Gore TexThe sole of the Latemark has been designed by Skywalk.
Fasteners and other details
The comfort of the Latemar is remarkable in the boots ergonomics, but also in the easiness to fit them. As we have seen, the “double shaft” structure has two asymmetrical side zippers. When we opened, we can remove the Velcro adjustments that secure the inner gaiter, which leaves a wide opening, enhancing foot entrance even with thick winter socks.
The Latemar features reflective inserts in the heel area, to improve our visibility in low light conditions.
Dainese LatemarInner velcro zone close up (left) and heel reflective heel inserts (right).
We are facing the most advanced boots of the entire Dainese touring range. It’s therefore an excellent product that will satisfy us both by its quality and durability. By having Gore-Tex technology, protection in all weather conditions is beyond doubt, turning the Latemar in a product for the whole year. If you are someone who likes to ride long routes, these are your boots: comfortable, sophisticated and practical.



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