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Review: Dainese Nexus / Nexus Lady, sporty road boots

Reviews and tests 25 January, 2016

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The Dainese Nexus are the boots with sporty lines and designed for being weared mainly on the road. These boots offer protection but also comfort and are the sport boots placed just behind the top Dainese Axial Pro.


The Dainese Nexus boots have been designed with a mix of microfiber and D-Stone textile. The first one is the perfect substitute of the leather, with higher levels of resistance to the wear. The microfiber also features a resistance treatment on its external side, so the boots can offer a longer use.

Side view of the Dainese Nexus boots (left) and the Dainese Nexus Lady boots (right).

We find this external material around the boot, with reinforcements on its sides and also the shank, while in the instep we find a thiner material in accordion, according to offer flexibility on this critical area of the foot.

The D-Stone textile is a material created by Dainese and is composed by high resistance nylon with elastomer inserts. This structure shapes the most resistant textile Dainese has, very similar to the leather. This textile is used in those areas where is required both levels of protection and flexibility and it is placed in the external side of the boot.

Detail of the microperforated areas (left) and the D-Stone textile (right).

The boot’s interior features a double textile layer; on one side there is microperforated textile and on the other side, we find a 3D Bubble textile, which construction is made from tiny air areas, that ensure constant temperature on our feet.


The Dainese Nexus boots are sporty and include high levels of protection. To get this, the boots feature a polyurethane protector on the shank, which goes from the ankle to the shankle’s higher area. If we focus our attention on the ankle’s area, we will see an antitorsion system called D-Axial. Patented by Dainese, this protector allows ankle’s basic movements and all the protection needed on this area. The Dainese Axial Pro racing boots also feature the D-Axial system.

Detail of the ankle’s protector, with the D-Axial system that allows only the natural movements of our feet.

But there are more details: all the heel’s area is reinforced with polyurethane and nylon on the inside. The same material (nylon) is placed on the toecap’s inside and on the instep there is a protector against the wear of the gearshift. Finally, the Dainese Nexus has a slider in the toescap’s external side, removable with Allen system (Dainese provides the specific tool for this action).


The Dainese Nexus’ sole features the same design and materials than the Axial Pro, so we can see grooves for an optimal water evacuation and the hexagonal areas ensure the correct grip to the bikes’ stirrup.

General view of the Dainese Nexus’ sole, with a design which optimizes water evacuation and an optimal grip to the bike’s stirrup.

Other details

The boots’ closure is placed on the back area. It is a zip system, very common in other Dainese boots. For a better adjustment, there are two Velcro flaps which help us to fit perfectly the boot to our leg. The ventilation system is poor due to the thermal protection the boot has to provide. According to this, we find a small air inlet placed on the shank and an air outlet in the heel’s protector.

There is the ladies version, for a better ergonomy of the female public.

Front view of the Dainese Nexus Lady boots (left) and Dainese Nexus (right).

Summarising, the Dainese Nexus feature all we need to enjoy both the track and the road, and all this with the correct thermal comfort during all the year round. 



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