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Review: DAINESE Axial Pro In, looking for the optimum protection

Reviews and tests 13 April, 2014

We analyze...

The German Moto2 rider Sandro Cortese had a bad accident at the World MotoGP Championship qualifying round in Qatar. He fractured a bone in his left foot. But what really saved the German rider from more serious injury, according to Cortese, were the protection elements of the equipment he was wearing.


It happened during the qualifying rounds on Saturday night, at the first meeting of the

MotoGP World Championship

when the German Moto2 rider

Sandro Cortese

suffers a heavy fall on the Qatari track of Losail. The Moto2 racer broke a bone in his left foot due to the strong impact of his boot against the footrest of the bike, which penetrated the material as if it was a knife. The consequences could have been disastrous for the racer as it was a nasty fall.

A few days later, the rider confessed that “the boots he was wearing, Dainese Axial Pro In, saved his professional career. If he had not been using boots with a carbon and steel protection system specific for the heel and ankles area, the accident would have literally destroyed his left foot.” The German racer also thanked the fact that he had an airbag system in his leather suit, seeing that “it folded out quickly and it protected me from possible fractures in the top part of the body.” This integral protection resulted in Cortese only missing the warm up session and that he could be present for the race Sunday, where he came in seventh, his best result in Moto2.

Competition helps to test equipment materials and designs that can later be marketed. We would love to say that these types of accidents only occur on the track, but unfortunately the fact that roads and motorways are not designed bearing in bikers mind means that we find a multitude of obstacles – apart from vehicles- that can cause us serious injuries.  

So, returning to our original thought, we must take into account the type of bike that we have, the type of routes we use more frequently and select the equipment with which we feel more comfortable and at the same time protected. Our protection must always be the top priority.


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