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Review: FOX Comp 5, MX boots with best value for money

Reviews and tests 16 September, 2015

We analyze...

The FOX Comp 5 are MX boots and maybe they are one of the products that give us a best value for money. We can find more technical boots from the same brand, like the Instinct or the Comp 8. These FOX Comp 5 offer aggresive and compact lines and alluminium closures and a very rigid sole.


The main material on these boots is the leather, which gives to the Comp 5 great resistance against wear and hits. The contour offers comfort and great aerodynamics, adapting the boot perfectly to the racer’s foot and leg. This contour also provides a right flexibility when we are riding the bike and helping with this, we find two areas of material in accordion. These areas are placed in the instep and the back of the boot.

Side view of the FOX Comp 5, with alluminum closures (left) and a great and protective reinforcement area (right).


The leather is combined with protectors and reinforcements which are placed in the boot’s most critical areas. According to this, we find a reinforcement in the toecap’s area which is perfectly integrated into the boots’ sole. We also find a double reinforcement on the instep, to protect the boot from the wear of changing gears. This reinforcement expands to the boot’s back area through all its internal side, offering a complete protection on that area. This protector ends in the mid shank, where we find a textile reinforcement that protects our leg from the heat of the engine, providing a great touch with the bike as well. Finally, we find in the heel’s area a TPU protector that provides rigidity on that area and another TPU protector in the shin area.

Detail of the sole integrated into the rest of the boot, offering protection, rigidity and durability.


The boots’ sole has been designed to offer the right rigidity on the heel and toecap areas, offering protection and durable. Its different height allows a good grip with the stirrup and its pattern offers a great water, mud and dust evacuation. On the rear area we find an area that helps to the boot to slide when dealing with the curve.

Other details

The Comp 5 closures is composed by four closures with alloy buckles combined with rigid plastic. These closures feature a combined system of a metal pivot and plastic closure that ensures the right boot’s closure. 

Detail of the Comp 5 closures, which combine the alloy buckles with the hard plastic closure systems. There are also metal pivots that ensure the boot’s closure.

If we open the boot, we find a breathable interior that also provides comfort when riding. The flap that protects the boot’s interior is not waterproof but water and mud resistant.

The boot’s interior feature a breathable and comfortable material that keeps that area dry from the dust, mud and water.

Despite the FOX Comp 5 boots are designed specially for the MX practise, we can also use them for all kind of off-road. These boots are available as well in lady version and junior version (with rigid plastic closures instead of alloy).


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