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Review: Hebo Tech Comp 2016, full innovation in trial boots

Reviews and tests 20 April, 2016

We analyze...

This 2016 the well-known Hebo Tech Comp trial boots bring new features for those who practise this sport on the bike. The new BOA closing system is the main change, but we will also find more ergonomic and protective boots.

Materials and construction

The main material is the microfibre, with a thick between 2,4 and 2,6 mm, that ensures a correct protection to the leg and foot, specially on those areas where there are no specific protectors. This microfibre has a finish that emulates the carbon.

Frontal view of the boots (left) and side view of the Hebo Tech Comp (right).

This microfibre has a treatment repellent against water, while the leather finish we find on the internal side will protect the leg from the heat from the engine. There are wide areas in accordion, according to offer the flexibility needed when the rider changes weights on the motorbike or when examining the area once he/she is off the bike.

On its inside we will find a breathable layer that covers all the internal area and it will offer all the comfort we need, including when we are riding on long journeys with the boots on.

Detail of the boots’ inside, offering comfort and ventilation to the foot.


Apart from the microfibre thickness, there are also other protections, as the internal ankle and the TPU in the shinbone’s area (redesigned on this new version). The boots feature a great rigidity, specially on the heel and toes areas, ensuring the correct position of our leg and foot at all time.

The sole ensures a great rigidity to the boot.


The main closure is an innovative system called BOA. Actually, this system offers an entire product-life warranty. The closure is a small spin wheel placed on the back of the boot, through we will be able to adjust millimetric the boot to our feet, thanks to a steel cable we find on the boot’s external side. That means the boot has no external closure system. To open the system, we will have to pull the wheel and the system will slacken the steel cable.

Detail of the BOA lacing system (left), that allows to adjust fine the boot to our foot, thanks to a steel cable (right).

There is another closure system on the top of the boot. It is a Velcro strap that will help us to fit better the boot to our leg.

Other details

The boot features few air inlets placed in the shinbone, while the finish we find at the top of the boot will provide to the racer comfort and isolation from external elements. If we move to the sole, we find that it has been reinforced with screws, according to offer more rigidity. The sole has been stitched to the rest of the boot, offering the maximum durability. The sole design between the right and the left is asymetric, looking for the best grip on all kind of terrains and also to the stirrup and the rear brake pedal (red areas). This sole, named TechComp is replaceable and also the BOA closing system.

The sole has screws in the toecap area and red areas that ensure the grip in the stirrup area.

The total weight of both boots is 2.200 grams.


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