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Review: The Very Best of 2015

Reviews and tests 31 December, 2015

We analyze...

After a full year reviewing the newest bike gear products in our videoblog and Youtube channel, we choosed the best ones form our point our view. It wasn't easy but here are Motocard's Very Best 2015 products! 


Arai RX-7V

At first look, the new Arai RX-7V, looks as the same good old RX-7GP, but if you take careful attention, there’re plenty of differences between them. And this is the great stuff: keeping the classic RX-7 lines, Arai has changed a lot of key points: a new shell design with a lower visor point, improving visibility and visor fastener, two critical points where RX-7 GP was behind its market rivals. Arai has come with something better and smarter in order to keep enjoying this classic and lovely helmet saga in the future.

Alpinestars Andes Waterproof


Waterprood boots are a must for touring bikers, but it’s also a hard-to-buy item, being not easy to choose and most of times isn’t an affordable buy. Knowing this, the Alpinestars’ guys offer us the Alpinestars Andes Waterproof: waterproofed boots with all the extensive Alpinestars knowledge in boots segments that also have a more than reasonable price, making them the best 2015 value for money product from our point of view.

Dainese Sandstorm Gore-Tex


The Dainese Sandstorm Gore-Tex is a versatile jacket, because in reality is a triple jacket! Thanks to its tirple construction, with waterproof and thermal detachable membranes we have a three-in-one jacket, perfect to wear no matter the season or the weather. In our videoblog, we made the comparasion Dainese Sandstorm VS Alpinestars Valparaiso, the former also with a triple membrane design: we prefer the Dainese thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane, but the Alpinestars features a more affordable price…the choice is yours!

Alpinestars C1 Windstopper


Of all products that we have reviwed at Motocard in 2015, there’s no doubt that the Alpinestars C1 Windstopper has been the best sold of all. And that’s because the C1 Windstopper features all the security and comfort needed when moving around the city in your urban dailylife, but also incorporating a Windstopper thermic layer – a technology form the same manufacturer of the popular Gore-Tex membrane- making then suitable for winter use. Definitely, an urban rider’s favourite!

Fox Flexair


Fox has come with a revolutionary product in off-road gear segment thanks to the Fox Flexair. In fact, the brand tested this new gear with top level riders like Ryan Dungey and Ken Rockzen between 2014 and 2015 before launching it to the market. It’s ultralightweight and superelastic fabric is matched with an improved shirt and pants, specially in ventilation and security terms, compared to the older Fox 360 gear, making the Flexair the new off-road gear referent.

AGVisor Oakley Airbrake MX


As usually happens, it’s hard to choose some products in detriment from others, also considerign that 2015 was topped with several new products coming from all top brands. For this reason we want to give an honorary mention to two notable products that nearly enter in this 2015 highlights: the AGVisor, the revolutionary LCD screen visor from the Italian helmet brand and the Oakley Airbrake MX off-road goggles, a product that it’s in an higher step from its competitor thanks to a smart and innovative construction. Two great and surprising products that make us dream with 2016…

And for you, which are the best 2015 products? Don’t hesitate to send us your favourites in our blog or in our Social Media. Happy 2016!


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