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Review: SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex, multi-purpose waterproof boots

Reviews and tests 25 May, 2016

We analyze...

The SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex are one of the best trail boots we can find on the market. Mixing the brand's offroad experience and the road technical layers, like the Gore-Tex, these boots offer comfort, keeping away the water from the inside.

Construction and materials

Made with high quality leather, these boots have a similar construction to a typical pair of offroad boots, but mantaining some road details. We find a high shank, buckle closures and many protections and reinforcements, specially in the ankles’ area. In the upper area of the shank there is a zone against the wear, which flexibility is given by an elastic area placed in the rear of the shank. 

View of the internal side (left) and the external side (right) of the boots.

The Gore-Tex membrane is one of the boot’s main features. This layer offers impermeability and also sweating. As result, we find a comfortable boot, with protections and designed for riding many kilometers.


The protections are made with TPU and they are placed around all the boot. Starting in the shank, we find a shin guard with the SIDI logo on it. If we have a look to the ankle, we will see there are specific protectors, unite to all the heel protector, according to give to the boot the rigidity we need. The toecap has internal reinforcements to get the same level of rigidity on that area.

Detail of the ankle protectors and the heel’s area (left) and detail of the ankle’s protector (right)..

There are also protections strategically placed, just to avoid damages on the boots closures.


As mentioned above, the internal area features a Gore-Tex waterproof layer. This membrane is combined with another layer with a great touch, designed by Cambrelle. Finally, there is a microperforated textile area that will offer maximum breathability.

The boots feature a wide Velcro’s flap in the shank’s area (left). Detail of the Gore-Tex textile (right).

Sole and closures

The sole is made with a non-skid rubber, with a classic pattern design. The union between the sole and the rest of the boots is specially reinforced.

General overview of the boots’ sole.

The SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex boots also feature two buckles closures on the external side and a wide Velcro’s area on the shank. The buckles mechanism combine metal and TPU.

Detail of the one of the buckles closed (left) and opened (right).

The SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex use the best materials and technologies, with excellent finishes that give to these boots a very nice price per value. 



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