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Review: SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS

Reviews and tests 15 July, 2015

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The SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS are the very ultimate off-road boots from the Italian brand. The interchangeable sole design makes the difference from its sister boots Crossfire 2, making it a unique solution on the market. But these boots also feature a singular structure that allows for a great flexibility and adaptation to the calf, and a new fastening system.

The external material is a mix of leather and technomicro. This last material is a fibre compositem in which the fiber are very thin. This allows for a similar leather performance but with endurance and weight valour enhanced. Technomicro is also used in other SIDI shoes, as his use means a durable product.
The boot its shaft have accordion panels in the Achilles tendon and the instep for a better comfort. The accordion zones are combined with plastic protections in the toe box, both sides of the boots and in the heel.
Accordion panels close up view.
Covering the boot from the ankle until the top there’s the shaft protector, called ‘Dual Flex System’ by SIDI. Is an independently working from the boot system, made from injected molded plastic, linked to the boot by a single point, situated in the ankle, thus providing freedom of movements to the feet and leg. The moorings also act as an ankle protector.

Dual Flex System linking point. The system allows a high degree of foot and leg movement.

The Crossfire 2 SRS also feature an elastic fabric and attached velcros in the calf zone, in order to adapt the boot to the ergonomics of every rider. The inner side is completely flat, favouring a better grip and feeling between bike and rider.
The inner features a ‘Cambrelle’ fabric lining and Teflon mesh. The Cambrelle technical fabric is made form bicomposite fibers, assuring transpiration and moisture evacuation.
An interesting Crossfire 2 SRS feature is the lack of removable inner boot. SIDI has design a inner boot that keep yours feet and calf perfectly adjusted and also offers protection and isolation even considering that the inner boot is not waterproof.
The calf’s Velcro allow a perfect fitment to the boot..
The SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS features a brand new fastening system compared to the old model, composed by four plastic made buckles with metallic locks. Three of the buckles are fixed to the ‘Dual Flex System’. This way, they have the right flexibility to work with boot. The last buckle, the lower one, has a specific protector in order to deflect rocks and strikes. All these elements are removable.
Buckles close view (left). The disposition of the upper buckles allows a great deal of movement when fitting (right).
The buckles have “memory”, this meaning that they feature a micrometric system where the position is locked after its adjustment, easing the opening of the buckles.
SRS stand as Sole Replace System, so you can change the soleo f the Crossfire 2 SRS. This feature is one of the main reason to buy this boots, as it allows to turn these boots from Motocross to Enduro with SIDI’s ‘E1’ sole and to Supermoto with the ‘SMS’ sole model.
The Crossfire 2 SRS sole have two different zones and is interchangeable.
The sole is completely screwed. There’s no option to undesired movements as one can think of a replaceable sole. The pattern that comes standard with the boot is MX style, with staggered square cleats, a design that improves dirt and clay evacuation.
The SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS are the top of the line off-road boots firm the Italian manufacturer. The brand has designed a boots that seek comfort and feeling in order to leave the rider the search for maximum performance. For this reason, SIDI has chosen his own way, with the ‘Dual Flex System’ and inner boot. And to this formula, they added the interchangeable sole option in order to give the Crossfire a bigger Enduro y Supermoto.

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