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Review: SIDI Roarr, roar on the road and on the track

Reviews and tests 7 December, 2015

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The SIDI Roarr boots offers a sporty edge that allows us to use them on track but able to withstand daily road use on the road. And considering these benefits and technology, these boots have a more than reasonable price.

Materials and construction
The main material used in the SIDI Roarr is called Technomicro. It’s composed of microfiber yarns, each of them of micromilimetric thickness, which framework creates a fabric simulating leather but with better strength values and less weight. Other benefits of this fabric compared to leather is breathability and is water repellent; that is, it’s not waterproof but it helps to improve the boot’s overall sealing. This also facilitates cleaning after prolongued continued use.

SIDI Roarr boots general view.

We find double stitched seams in areas of greatest stress (joints, ankle, foot). There’re internal elastic panels to give the boots more overall flexibility, especially in the instep area. The innner is made in Teflon mesh, a material used in order looking for the optimal foot transpiration.
The SIDI Roarr boots are lightweight and comfortable, two areas where SIDI always work to improve. The Technomicro really helps to keep weight valours low of the whole boots compared to other boots not using this material, and this low weight also makes them comfortable boots.
The SIDI Roarr features many protections, as it’s needed in a boot designed for track use: as befits a boot capable of entering circuit: antitorsion protectors on both ankle sides, ‘Vertebrae’ system created and patented by SIDI that protects the Achilles tendon. We also found shin and heels guards plus a replaceable slider TPU-made and a toebox protector to prevent wear of the boot in the shifter area that at the same time provides the necessary grip for gear selection.

Toe close up, featuring a detachable slider (left), and heel (right).

The sole is made with a dual compound rubber and the sole design presents a patern that combines water evacuation channels with contact zones for a better footrest support. The bridge between the heel and the rest of the sole is very pronounced, making it more comfortable rely on the footrest. The insole is made of nylon and is removable.

SIDI Roarr sole view.

The SIDI Roarr main closure is by an elastic zipper on the inner side of the boot which is accessed by removing a Velcro panel that doubles as a protective flap.
To adjust them, SIDI has used a locking mechanism called Tecno3. It’s a system that uses a tensor at the back of the boot’s shaft with a little wheel that thights a wire, so these wires fit us the shaft’s back flap to our calf. It’s simple to use: rolling the wheel we tighten until proper adjustment. Then, we can releasing tension thanks to both side buttons featured in the wheel, losing the wire point-by-point (as in a mecrometric system) or releasing it at all.

The Tecno3 fastener is totally integrated to the boot’s protections.

The use of Tecno3 system has the advantage of being located at the boot’s rear part, leaving free the instep area from closures, allowing greater flexibility in all the boot. Finally we would like to mention that there is also an air inlet on the outer side of both boots, which is regulated by a small on/off lever-type. It’s a great improvement over other brand models, and makes the Roarr more efficient in sporty use.

Ventilation intake close up (left) and Tecno3 closing mechanism (right).

The SIDI Roarr are perfect for those who want a suitable sports boots that can combine road with track use, avoiding this way the need to buy another pair of boot just for specific and occasional track action. 



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