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Review: Alpinestars Booster, tact and comfort for short journeys

Reviews and tests 16 August, 2017

We analyze...

The Alpinestars Booster leather gloves are designed for motorcycle trips for times of mid-season. With an urban and elegant design, the Booster offer excellent levels of feeling and comfort.

Materials and construction

Alpinestars Booster are made mainly in goatskin for maximum durability and elastic polyester fabric to win comfort. We can say that this elastic fabric, located in the areas where the hand moves and works more, fulfills its function perfectly, especially the one between the palm and the fist, as it facilitates a precise adjustment and greater flexibility in each driving situation.

Alpinestars BoosterThe Alpinestars Booster has a pre-curved design to reduce the fatigue on the fingers, as we see in the image.

In the palm we find full-grain skin, which provides maximum resistance to abrasion and durability, extending the life of the glove. Also in the palm and in the thumb we see reinforcements of microfiber and PU for the maximum grip with the controls of the motorcycle.

Ergonomics and ventilation

After testing, we can ensure that its pre-curved design reduces fatigue while driving and extensible accordion panels on the fingers (except the thumb and pinkie) and the back of the hand improve the comfort, plus of winning in freedom of movement.

Alpinestars BoosterImage of the perforations that are in the palm of the glove, as well as of the fabrics to favor the grip with the controls of the motorcycle.

Their weight is very light. In fact, simply grasp them to notice this low weight.

In addition to being very fine gloves, there are the perforations in the palm, the inner side of the fingers, and especially in the back of the hand and in the glove closure, where we also find a large padding panel to cushion a possible fall.


In terms of safety, there are molded hard protectors on the knuckles and EVA paddings. As for knuckle protection, this provides exceptional protection against a possible impact and does not disturb at all, we only notice when we close the hand.

On the other hand, EVA foam paddings are found on the palm, outer side and fingers, to fight against to abrasion.

Alpinestars BoosterClose-up of the protectors located in the area of the knuckles.

The Booster gloves have the bridge between the fourth and fifth finger patented by Alpinestars, which prevents the twisting and the separation of the fingers in case of accident. The material of this bridge avoids the abrasion.

Details and closure

As a detail, it should be noted that the tip of the Booster index finger is ready to touch screens such as smartphones, GPS, tablets, etc.

The closure is composed of a velcro located in the wrist for an effective, simple, fast and personalized adjustment. Alpinestars currently markets these gloves in three different colors and are available from size S to 3XL.

Alpinestars BoosterTouch screen compatible index fingertrip for using Smartphones and GPS systems.

In summary, the Alpinestars Booster are very comfortable and light short cane gloves designed for day to day, especially during the spring and summer months. They stand out for offering great protection and fit very well to the wrist. And, all of it, with great value for money.


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