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Review: ALPINESTARS GP TECH GP’s Tech at your hands

Reviews and tests 19 March, 2014

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The sportiest gloves from Alpinestars incorporate unique features, such as the flexible knuckle protectors or the accordion leather lateral inserts that allow a wider range of movement without renouncing maximum protection.


take a step forwards in the evolution of sports gloves for motorbikes. The

GP Tech

are made of kangaroo leather as the main element of the chassis and the palm of the glove. Precisely in the palm we find reinforcements of Pittards digital leather, a highly transpirable fabric which offers an excellent grip, as well as a good water expulsion in the case of adverse weather conditions.

Glove’s fingers and thumb incorporates skin elastic inserts in accordion disposal, allowing better movement. On this area gloves include insertion side leather’s reinforce.


The GP Tech incorporate an advanced protection system in the knuckle area, thanks to the flexible double composite TPU protector, with air inlets and outlets for optimum cooling. This protector is mounted on a


pad to improve the absorption of any possible impact.

Another competition derived protection system can be found in the joining of the fourth and fifth finger (little and ring fingers), in order to avoid the twisting of the little finger in the event of an impact.

The cuff of the glove is ergonomically designed, as well as the sleeve, which wraps around the wrist in TPU. Poly-foam is found on the palm, thumb and fingers, strategically placed to protect the areas more exposed to impacts and abrasions. The inner Kevlar lining (K-Tech) found in the hand, thumb and little finger ensure a greater resistance in these areas to any possible impacts or abrasions.


Comfort and flexibility are elements to bear in mind in competition as well as on the road. The design of the palm has been made with a single layer of leather for greater sensitivity. Also the upper panel of the glove incorporates perforated leather, whilst the cuff and the sides of the fingers have reinforcements for an optimum fit and a good feel.

The fingers are pre-curved to reduce fatigue as well as having external Kevlar seams.

The main fastening of the glove is of Velcro. Also, the GP Tech include a second Velcro fastener on the wrist to avoid the glove coming off.


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