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Review: Alpinestars SP-5 gloves

Reviews and tests 5 July, 2017

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The Alpinestars SP-5 are leather gloves designed for urban and sport-touring. With good weather, you can take them every day from home to work and weekend getaways.


The Alpinestars SP-5 are gloves made in different types of leather and also incorporate other materials. We have a main construction of synthetic leather very durable and resistant to abrasion, perforated goatskin in the fingers and grain leather palm, which provides maximum abrasion resistance and durability.

Alpinestars SP 5Detail of Alpinestars SP-5 knuckle protectors. The glove fits perfectly to the hand.

Precisely in the palm also there are reinforcements in microfiber and a whole zone in polyurethane, easily visible between the fingers and the palm, strategically located to improve the grip.

Construction and ergonomics

All these different types of leather have microperforations and there are two exits of air in the back, reason why it makes that the SP-5 are great gloves of summer. The SP-5 has a short shank, which performs its function of covering and protecting the wrist, but also contributes to ventilation and comfort.

The gloves are very light. It is enough to hold them to notice their low weight; the feeling of wearing gloves is nil. In this aspect they are very similar to the competition gloves of the brand.

Alpinestars SP 5Detailed image where we see the pre-curved profile of the SP-5, as well as the padding of the palm.

Its pre-curved design, emulating the driving position, the elastic between the index and the thumb and the panels in accordion make them into gloves with a great freedom of movement.


Obviously, the protection of these gloves is not as extensive as in racing gloves, but incorporate technologies derived from the track gloves. So, we have the rigid knuckle protector made of polymer and leather coated.

Alpinestars SP 5The bridge between the fourth and fifth finger, to avoid torsion in case of an accident, is also present in the Alpinestars SP-5. We also see the perforations of the fingers to improve ventilation.

There are also padding reinforcements on the outer side, the cane and EVA foam padding on the fingers. As is common in many Alpinestars gloves, a bridge between pinky and annular to prevent torsion in case of fall.

Details and closure

As we have seen, the SP-5 have good ventilation, are lightweight, comfortable and offer optimum protection. They are perfect gloves for the day to day; Their low weight makes them really comfortable. Its velcro closure is very functional, and as a useful detail, the tip of the index finger has a special skin that allows to manipulate touch screens of smartphones, tablets, etc.

Alpinestars SP 5As we see in the image, the SP-5 is short, like a good glove for the summer.

Thus, Alpinestars SP-5 can be your gloves, by city, highway or road: they are truly multipurpose. And all with the quality of Alpinestars, a brand that sticks to excellence in their gloves, and an adjusted price.


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