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Review: Dainese Carbon D1, gloves comparison

Reviews and tests 16 March, 2016

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We can find two versions of the Dainese Carbon D1 (Long and Short), and both are gloves that mantain a good value for money. Their protection level are pretty high but they also comfortable, so we can use them both for road jouneys and for a city and daily use.


The Dainese Carbon D1 are available in two versions, Long and Short. The Long version features a cane that embraces our arm and wrist, while the Short version stops the protection just there. They are two options from a base model.

General view of the Dainese Carbon D1 Long glove (left) and the Short one (right).

Both versions feature a main structure with three different materials: micro sheep skin, suede and goatskin, according to offer great touch and protection. The Short version includes a fourth material, neoprene, placed in the glove’s cane.

Both gloves feature accordion panels according to offer the enough flexibility when riding our motorbike or scooter. We also find bielastic inserts in the wrist and the thumb. The internal side of the fingers includes silicone inserts, to provide grip on the handlebar. There are also padding areas to emphasize the comfort.


Both versions include a good protection levels, but the Long version provides greater protection in the wrist’s area. The rest of protections are identical on both gloves: a carbon insert in the knuckles’ area, a polyurethane protector in teh external area of the palm and the external side of the little finger. This protection is called ‘Dainese Distortion Control’, protecting the pinkie in an event of a fall.

Detail of the knockles’ protectors and the TPU protectors located on the fingers.

There are also Polyurethane areas in the external side of the fingers, covered with skin and padding areas on the thumb and the cane (in the Long version).


There is no doubt that the Short version offers better ventilation levels than the Long version one. The first one features microperforated textile on the reverse’s base, so it is the most suitable version for being weared during the Summer. The Long version does not have microperforated areas, so it is most suitable for Spring, Autumn and even Winter seasons.

Detail of the different materials both gloves have in the reverse and cane areas.


Both gloves include the same closure system: a Velcro strip in the wrist area that prevents the glove off in case of a fall. In the Long version, there is a wide Velcro area and en elastic finish in the cane’s zone that helps to adjust better the glove to our gear.

Detail of the closures on the Dainese Carbon D1 Long (left) and Short (right).

The Dainese Carbon D1 Long and Short offer sportivity for those riders who use their bike or scooter both for a dily use and for road weekend journeys. Good thermal protection, very comfortables and made of skin. Very versatile gloves with an excellent value for money.


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