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Review: Dainese Clutch Evo D-Dry, winter protection at low price

Reviews and tests 2 December, 2015

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If you need a pair of winter gloves but your budget is limited, Dainese offers you the chance of geeting a pair of gloves with thermal textile, a waterproof layer and all the comfort you need for a daily use. And all these features, at a very low price and all the Dainese quality.


The external material of these gloves is a flexible textile which is resistant to the wear. This material is combined with leather inserts on the external side, palm and external fingers’ area.

General overview of the gloves, with the knuckles protection and its reinforcements and inserts.

The glove offers protection to our hand but also the optimum comfort as well. To get this comfort, the Dainese Clutch features an elastic textil in accordion whch allows us the hands natural movements. These inserts are named Microelastic. The glove also offers a pre-curvated lines according to optimize the comfort when riding.

Detail of the elastic area in accordion and some reinforcements placed in different areas of the fingers.

Combined with the external textile we find a D-Dry layer, which is waterproof and breathable. And on its inside, there is a thermal layer made with Dexfil textile, which offers the thermal protection needed on tha hand and fingers., offering a nice touch as well.


The Dainese Clutch Evo also have a Thermoplastic Resin protection in the knuckles area, called Tech Lite, while in the fingers’ area there are textile reinforcements and leather inserts that provide the correct protection against the wear. We find all these inserts on fingers, palm, external area of the fingers and the thumb.

Detail of the rigid protector placed on the knuckles’ area.

Combined with the reinforcements there are inserts whch have been placed strategically: in the palm, in the reverse and small inserts in the fingers’ external area.

Closures and details

Despite not being a very high gloves, the Dainese Clutch Evo feature a wide Velcro closure which guarantees the correct isolation to its inside. We also find Dainese reflective logos, according to being seen in low light environments.

Detail of the thermal layer (up left), the Velcro’s closure (up right), the padding protector (down left) and the reflective Dainese logo (down right).

The Dainese Clutch Evo D-Dry are winter gloves designed for urban and interurban environments which main features are comfort, lightness and thermal protection.


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