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Review: Dainese Druid D1 Long, resistant and sporty gloves

Reviews and tests 15 June, 2016

We analyze...

The Dainese Druid D1 are a pair of sporty gloves by Dainese whose features are many carbon protectors and polyurethane combined with wide flexible areas on leather gloves.


The Druid D1 are gloves designed to offer protection, durability and comfort on equal parts. To get this balance, the gloves feature sheep skin microfiber on its external side and goatskin in the internal one, to offer a better touch in that area. Also in the palm we find doeskin on the thumb’s internal area and a polyurethane insert, as raspy area, to offer a good grip to the handlebars.

Vista general del dorso y de la palma de los guantes Dainese Druid D1 Long.

With these materials we also find accordion panels, according to offer a good flexibility, as the knuckles or the glove’s external side. We also find pre-curved fingers, according to adopt a natural position when we are riding the bike. On its inside we find a soft textile that will give us a great touch to our hands and fingers.


As we said before, the Druid D1 gloves have wide reinforcements and protections. The main protector is placed on the back of the hand and it is made with carbon, offering a great rigidity on that area. We also find TPU protectors on the external side of the hand. There is one named ‘Distortion Control’, a protector that helps to slide the glove in an event of a fall, offering a better protecttion to the little finger, that also has TPU inserts.

Detalle del protector del dedo meñique “Distortion Control” de Dainese.

On the finger’s phalanges we find rigid inserts, covered with leather, while in the thumb there are padded areas. The same material is placed on the wrist, offering a good balance between protection and comfort.

Closures and other details

The glove’s closure is double: one very wide, placed on the arm, helps us to fit the glove to our jacket or suite and the other closure in the wrist avoids the glove’s mismatching.

El guante presenta un cierre con tira de velcro en la muñeca (izquierda) y un amplio cierre de velcro en la zona de la caña (derecha).

The lack of air inlets and outlets means these gloves have been designed for being worn on Spring, Autumn and even Winter, if it is not very strict.

Summarising, the Dainese Druid D1 are robust gloves, with many protections and designed for being durables. We can use them both on the road and the track.


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