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Review: Dainese Plaza 2 D-Dry

Reviews and tests 13 December, 2017

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The new Dainese Plaza 2 D-Dry gloves are the evolution of the successful Plaza D-Dry model. An urban gloves for the winter and mid-season ideal for all those that you move habitually in the city by motorcycle and, mainly, in scooter. In addition, its great value for money makes them a very tempting option.

Materials and construction

The gloves are made of stretch fabric, which incorporates the D-Dry membrane, waterproof and breathable. Dainese has added a windproof fabric insert called Wind-block.

Dainese Plaza 2 D-DryGeneral view of the Dainese Plaza 2 D-Dry, ideal for city during the coldest months.

With these characteristics we have a perfect glove for daily use and for not too long trips in climates with moderate cold and with variations in the different hours of the day.


On the one hand, thanks to the double cuff sleeve, the sensation of adjustment is total. In addition, the entry of water or air through the wrist area is avoided.

On the other hand, the inner micro-fleece fits perfectly in the wrist area and allows freedom of movement in the rest of the hand.

Dainese Plaza 2 D-DryThe Plaza 2 D-Dry glove equips a Wind Block insert.

In the area of ​​the wrist there is also a tongue that helps us equip our gloves.

Dainese has certainly given the key because with the Plaza 2 has achieved very comfortable and functional gloves designed to put on and take off several times in the same day.

Dainese Plaza 2 D-DryThe pre-curved shape of the fingers reduce the fatigue considerably when we are on the bike.

The pre-curved fingers and the soft inserts also reduce fatigue and make it easier to drive considerably.


Although logically the protection in this type of gloves is less, we find skin reinforcements in the palm. In this way, the life of the glove is lengthened and we also improve the resistance to abrasion in case of accident.

Dainese Plaza 2 D-DryImage where we can see the Dainese Smart Touch system and suede in the palm area.

The reflective inserts, including the logo of Dainese, are present throughout the glove, something that is appreciated if we circulate at night or in areas with low light.

Details and closure

The Dainese Smart Touch system allows us to manipulate touch screens without taking off our gloves, something that is especially appreciated when we rotate assiduously around town. In addition, this system has been improved compared to the previous version.

Dainese Plaza 2 D-DryThe closing system does not have any mechanism, making it easier to equip and remove the glove.

As for the closure the glove does not have any type of mechanism since with the double fist the adjustment is already perfect. This is done to gain in practicality.

In short, with the new Dainese Plaza 2 D-Dry motorcyclists who use the motorbike by city daily have one of the most comfortable and practical options on the market. And all with a very good value for money. In addition, its unisex pattern ranges from the smallest sizes for women to the largest sizes.


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