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Review: Dainese Plaza, the city in your hands

Reviews and tests 3 March, 2015

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The Dainese Plaza D-Dry are the perfect gloves to deal with the coldest months onour motorbike in urban environments. It includes waterproof and wind-proof layers and new technologies, like the Dainese Smart Touch system.


The main material we find on these gloves is a very elastic textile that incorporates the D-Dry waterproof layer from Dainese. To this features we also have to add the wind-block layer, placed pn some areas of the glove. So, the Plaza gloves can protect both against the water and the wind, offering excellent thermal protection on short and medium journeys.

The Dainese Plaza are gloves which priorize insulation and thermal comfort against the winter.

In the glove’s palm we also find a leather reinforcement, that will protect it from wear due to use or in the case of a fall. Another detail to highlight are the lines and logo’s design, with reflective material.

Detail of the the two textile surface layers of the Dainese Plaza gloves, very elastic and comfortable. 

Ergonomics and adjustments

The gloves’ adjustment offers a great touch, feeling very comfortable when riding. The double fist design avoids air or water getting in. As a result of this, the Dainese Plaza are gloves that fit perfectly to our hands and allows for all the movements when riding, affording optimal touch and a great comfort feeling, very typical features for gloves that we need to put on and put off several times per day. We have to highlight the tongue placed at the base of the glove, to ensure an optimal and easy fit.

In the gloves’ palm with leather inserts as protection elements, while the rest of the glove mantains the elastic textile.

When we put the gloves on, we can feel the perfect fit, thanks to the structure’s pre-curved design. The fingers do not touch the gloves fingertips, so the glove can protect better our fingers if there is a small air chamber and the fingers are not in contact with the cold outside, mantaining the inside temperature.

Dainese Smart Touch

Another great feature of these gloves is the ‘Dainese Smart Touch’, with which we can handle touch screen devices with the gloves on. We will find a specific area on the forefinger and the thumb.

Detail of the Dainese Smart Touch system, that allows us to handle touch screen devices with the gloves on.

This detail is very useful, we can answer phone calls, read messages or use the GPS with the gloves on, a friendly detail that we will be grateful for on the coldest days.

Urban and useful

In summary, the Dainese Plaza D-Dry are modern and useful gloves which have been designed for daily use, with excellent value for money, that will become a very important tool when riding our bike or scooter during the coldest months of the year. We also find these gloves in a ladies version.


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