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Review: Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long & Short, two waterproof versions

Reviews and tests 19 September, 2016

We analyze...

After the Tempest products range success, composed by jacket, pants and boots, now it's the turno of the gloves. The Dainese Tempest D-Dry are a nice option if we want a winter and waterproof gloves with Dainese quality. This popular Dainese's product is available in two versions: Long and Short.

Materials and construction
Tempest Dainese D-Dry use the same materials in both the Long and Short version. The main construction material of these gloves is elastic fabric, a woven flexible fibers, combined with suede leather palm. On the inside, a thermal padding acts as insulation against the cold and the Tempest makes a comfortable wear gloves.

The Tempest D-Dry skin make use of the tip of the forefinger of each hand. These inserts are “digital” skin that allows us to use touchscreen devices. This not we take off our gloves to manipulate the GPS, tablet or mobile. Conventional skin finishes off the set, being present in areas of bending the wrist and fingers, protecting the seams of these flexible areas in case of fall and wear.

As we have mentioned, these gloves are waterproof thanks to membrane D-Dry, incorporated under the elastic tissue. D-Dry membrane has been developed by the own brand Dainese has notable values impermeability but also breathability.
The gloves have reinforced double layer of skin areas, such as the little finger and the back of the knuckles and padded areas in the area of sugarcane. Besides reinforcements on palm, knuckles have found that a rigid protection called ‘Confortech’. This protection is located below the main fabric, which leaves a glove discreet aesthetics but guaranteed security, as its approval of Level 1.

The only difference between the Long and Short version is on strengthening buff on the wrist of the Short version. Instead, the Long version does not have this reinforcement, but being long cane gloves, wrist protection is inherently more generous already.
Closures and details
Both versions have Velcro fastening with elastic strap with leather handle. The only difference is that the Long version also has an extra velcro strap and steel ring to cinch down the gauntlet to our wrist.

Small and useful details topped the set, such as the tongue for better fit, reflective inserts and the ‘Viewer Wiper’, a piece TPR serves to clean the screen of the helmet, as if it were a windshield; It is really handy in case of rain.
In short, the Tempest Dainese D-Dry waterproof glove are amazing for their comfort and attention to detail that has put Dainese in its usability, as shown finishes buff, Wiper Viewer or touch skin. And surprised because Dainese offers these high-end details for ultra competitive price.

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