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Review: Alpinestars C-30 Drystar gloves

Reviews and tests 20 September, 2017

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The Alpinestars C-30 Drystar is a short cane glove ideal to wear during the day to day during all the year. They have a structure of triple layer Drystar Performance, offering impermeability with an optimal level of grip and sensitivity.

Materials and construction

The new Alpinestars C-30 Drystar, certified according to the CE Level 1, combine elastic polyamide and softshell on the back, while the leather is the predominant material in the palm and thumb. Also in the palm and the thumb we see reinforcements with PU coating to improve the grip to the controls of the motorcycle and gain in comfort.

Alpinestars C-30 DrystarThe Alpinestars C-30, with their graphics in military, combine elastic polyamide and softshell.

Alpinestars exclusive Drystar Performance technology consists of a 100% waterproof and breathable membrane located in the middle of a sealed three-layer structure that reduces the thickness of the glove to gain comfort, feel and sensitivity. In addition, this structure also acts as windstopper.

There is also a thermal lining that keeps the hands warm in the coldest days. The effect that causes this lining is really nice.

Ergonomics and ventilation

After testing, we can ensure that its pre-curved design reduces fatigue while driving. In fact, it is even difficult to completely stretch the fingers because its design is thought to be in driving position. In addition, the accordion in the fingers improves comfort and allows us to gain freedom of movement on the bike.

The ergonomic elastic insertion between the palm and the thumb also favors the movements of this finger, one of the most working when we go on a motorcycle.

Alpinestars C-30 DrystarOn the left we see the palm of the glove with PU coating to improve the grip to the controls of the bike. On the right we see the suede detail to fight against abrasion.

Being a short cane gloves, with hardly any external elements and a three-layer structure, it makes its weight really reduced, similar to gloves for summer, certainly an aspect that is appreciated in those days that are colders.

Regarding ventilation, we found small perforations in the palm and the inner side of the fingers.


In terms of safety, there are synthetic sling reinforcements with padding in the palm and the outer side of the hand to reduce abrasion, as well as the rigid protector molded on the knuckles to protect against a possible impact.

Alpinestars C-30 DrystarDetail of the protection on the knuckles of the Alpinestars C-30 Drystar.

On the fingers we also find some padding to cushion the blows and fight against abrasion as well as reflective elements to be more visible in night driving or in low light.

Details and closure

An important detail of the C-30 is that both the index finger and the thumb, something not very common in motorcycle gloves, are sensitive to touch screens, so we can use our Smartphone without removing the gloves comfortably and quickly.

Alpinestars C-30 DrystarThe thumb and index finger of Alpinestars C-30 allow us to manipulate touch screens, as we see in the image.

The closure is very practical. It only consists of an adjustable velcro at the base of the cuff. These gloves are in different sizes and colors. For this video we have opted for this combination of black with military details, which offers a look with an aggressive touch.

In summary, with the C-30 Alpinestars launches to the market short gloves of very practical and comfortable that are ideal for those that you use the motorcycle during the day to day, for example from home to the work, and that you live in an area with a changing weather.


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