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Review: Heated Winter Gloves

Reviews and tests 1 February, 2015

We analyze...

For those bikers who need to use the bike all year round, heated winter gloves are essential to keep our hands and fingers warm. Today we present the heating system of two different gloves: the Richa Toronto Heat and the Alpinestars Celsius Heated.

Heated motorbike gloves are products which can produce heat by themselves, with the help of a batterey or another electric source (like 12V connectors or the bike’s battery). This kind of equipment is a great alternative to heated grips.

The design of  heated gloves is very similar to typical winter gloves: the maximum priority is to offer a proper insulation from the outside weather and to offer correct protection in case of fall. Like many other winter gloves, this thermal protection and insulation provoke lesser feel with the bike, basically because of the many layers that the gloves incorporate.

Overview of the palm of the Richa Toronto Heat gloves, with the leather inserts

In this article we analyze two heated gloves which, in different ways, offer heat to our hands and fingers when we are riding our motorbike. We are talking about the Richa Toronto Heat and the Alpinestars Celsius Heated. Both use a battery as the main source of energy, but each one uses different methods. Let’s have a look at them.

Richa Toronto Heat

These Richa are “premium” gloves we can find on the market. They offer heat from a small battery placed inside each glove which has been charged previously, so the gloves are not connected to any other power supply when we are riding. The autonomy of the heating system is nearly four hours with no interruption. We can turn the system on or off through a button placed on the wrist. In case of needing more heating power, the gloves can offer an extra heating power. All the heating system has been designed to offer warmth to the fingers, thumb and palm.

The Toronto Heat include a button on the wrist from which we can adjust the heating system (off, heat and warm modes).

As we mentoned above, the Toronto Heat gloves have two small batteries (one in each glove) placed on the wrist, to allow all the movements the hands need when we are riding. These gloves can be recharged with the electrical network through an AC adapter, as you can see on the picture below.

These gloves, apart from the heating they can offer, are winter gloves, so they have technical layers to protect our hands from the cold outside, insulating our hands and fingers and at the same time, protecting all the areas correctly in the event of a fall thanks to reinforcements. They also have a 100% waterproof and breathable layer, and a thermal one of Thinsulate. For an optimal hand insulation, these gloves include a drawstring closure system that we can manipulate with the other glove on. There is another closure placed on the wrist to avoid the glove coming off in the event of a fall.

The Richa Toronto Heat are a pair of gloves that come with the AC adapters suitable for any area of the world, so do not panic if we want to travel around the world: the Richa are well prepared.

Detail of the accesories included on the Richa Toronto Heat gloves

Summarizing, the Toronto Heat are typical motorbike winter gloves that, apart from offering excellent thermal protection, include an extra heating system for our hands and fingers, just by pushing a button. Protection, comfort and practicality, all in one.

Alpinestars Celsius Heated

The Alpinestars Celsius Heated gloves are the closest option to the typical heated grips, because they use the motorbike’s battery as the power supply. The inconvenience of being connected through a cable is quickly balanced by the heating autonomy that these gloves provide.

Assembly is easy and will depend of the access we have to the bike’s battery. We have to screw the cables into the battery terminals and the heating system will be connected. After this, we should look for an easy exit through the bikes’ seat, paying attention that the cable must be near our body, without any tensioning. The cable  will be inserted into our jacket or vest (Alpinestars has one specific for that: Tech Heated Vest).

Detail of the pre-installation process to the motorbike’s battery

Once we have installed the heating system to the battery, the only thing we must do is take the cable and divert its two extensions through the sleeves, so they will be able to reach the gloves’ cable. We must make sure that the cable is loose in this area to allow for our riding movements. The battery installation took us just five minutes and this process must be carried out twice per year: when the winter comes and when they’re no longer necessary.

The cable system has been designed for desconnecting in the case of  an unexpected pull; so if we forget we are connected to our bike and we get off, the system is disconnected with no complications.

The Alpinestars Celsius Heated can be connected and disconnected easily, thanks to the integrated cables in the gloves. These cables can be hidden in a pocket with a zipper. Once the cable is stored in it, the hassle is minimum.

Detail of the connection to the Alpinestars glove, with its pocket where the cable can be stored for optimum comfort

If we focus on the technical features of these gloves, we will find a waterproof and breathable liner called Drystar. Furthermore, the glove has been made with a mix of technical textile and synthetic leather, for optimum resistance and durability. 

The Alpinestars Celsius Heated also include a moulded insert as knuckle protection, as well as padded reinforcements placed above the fingers. There is also a bridge between the third and the fourth fingers to prevent torsion in that area. On the palm we find leather reinforcements.

The design of the Alpinestars Celsius Heated includes sporty details and offers a better touch.

As regards riding comfort, the Alpinestars Celsius Heated gloves incorporate elastic insertions on the back, offeringgreater freedom of movements when riding. We also want to highlight  the Velcro closure system placed in the wrist area.


In this article we have introduced two different options that allow us to ride our motorbikes during freezing times. Both gloves are 100% waterproof and breathable products, fully capable of correct thermal protection. While the Richa Toronto are exclusively winter gloves, where thermal protection is its main objective, the Alpinestars Celsius Heated offer us a greater feel and better protection in case of a fall. If we focus on each heating system, we will see that the heating is light and it extends all over the hands and fingers. The Richa gloves can offer a bit more warmth if we connect them to the “warm” position.

The main purpose of the Richa Toronto Heat gloves is to offer maximum warmth during the winter period, so its layers are thicker than the Alpinestars Celsius.

On the one hand, the independence of the Richa Toronto Heat when riding forces us to recharge their battery before using them with the heating system. The operation range of 4 hours seems ok for most humans, but we have to tbear this in mind when we are going to purchase them. The easy use of the heating system through a botton and especifically the winter features of these gloves will assure us a warm winter, at least for our hands and fingers. The fact of having the battery inside increases the weight.

On the other hand, the Alpinestars Celsius Heated need pre-installation of the heating system to the motorbike’s battery and then we will be ready for riding! We must always keep in mind that we are connected to our bike by a cable and that its heating range is unlimited, so the power supply is the battery.


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