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Review: Knox Handroid gloves, more than protection

Reviews and tests 25 September, 2014

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If we are looking for the best chronos in the track we choose the best tires or the lightest motorbike parts. And we should look for the same standards on motorbike gear. Knox gloves have got race genes and its goal is to provide the maximum protection to the biker.

With a huge experience on all kind of protection for bikers, Knox takes advantage on its knowledge and presents very innovative gloves which improves the security both on track and road gloves.

The Knox Handroid gloves are impressive at a first sight, maybe for its exoskeleton or for the steel belt fastening. The fact is that these gloves will help us to remember how important our hands protection is when we ride a motorbike.

Detail of the exoskeleton system


The protection is its greatest feature. If we have a look to these gloves, we can realise how many protectors and sliders the Knox Handroid include. Obviously, these gloves are being used in many racing competitions, like CEV or the British Superbikes.

What is most surprising is the exoskeleton system in the knuckles area. This mechanism, based on a flexible spines system, protects the knuckles, fingers and thumbs and at the same time, allows natural and unrestricted movement. This system also relies on a gel padded cover and also protects a very delicate area: the metacarpal bones.

Furthermore, the Knox Handroid also include specific protection for the most delicate hand bone, the scaphoid, that connects the thumb and the wrist, a bone that racers use to break when they fall at high speed.

As Knox Handroid are actually the most sportive gloves of the brand, its main purpose is to cover the needs of the racers. That is why we also see heavy duty protection in the area of ​​the palm. These protections avoid scaphoid and other bones from injuries and, as a slider, prevent the transmission of force to the palm area, while releasing from abrassion other materials, like the leather.

The insertions placed on the palm reduce abrasion


Even having a glove with a very high level of protection, there is another element that a rider cannot resign: a good touch. Therefore, in areas with more contact with the bike, we find kangaroo leather, a material with a very high abrasion resistance that conveys a great sense of touch and control when braking or accelerating.

The kangaroo leather provides optimum feel and is one of the materials more resistant to abrasion

It is also appreciated to make adjustments on one of the gloves despite carrying the other glove on. Regarding to this, it should be noted another innovative point of the Knox Handroid: the BOA lacing system, which is basically a micrometric regulation system that encloses the hand into the glove, offering a quick and optimum fit, excellent security and also an excellent resistance to abrasion in this area.

Detail of the micrometric closure system

This system works thanks to two steel aircraft cables that connect and adjust two pilot mobile guards that wrap the wrist and also help skid falls. It operates as a very easy mechanism: by spinning the wheel, we tighten the two steel cables, which compresse the two moving protectors. To take off our gloves, hung up the closing mechanism and the cables get slackened immediately. Remember that we can manipulate this system very easily with the gloves on.


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