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Review: Spidi Carbo Track gloves

Reviews and tests 21 June, 2017

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When we look for total protection and a precise touch with the controls of the motorcycle we must bet for some sports gloves. Although there are a lot of options, we focus on the Spidi Carbo Track, gloves that are the result of 35 years of evolution and the gloves chosen by some of the drivers competing in the most important World Championships.

Construction and materials

As good circuit gloves, the Carbo Track are made in bovine leather. In addition, they have protections and reinforcements on both sides of the hand that help to the safety, but don’t compromise flexibility. This is thanks to the numerous zones articulated in the fingers, especially the fabric of accordion in the thumb because it is one of the fingers that more works when we go on motorcycle.

Spidi Carbo TrackThe Spidi Carbo Track are made in bovine leather 0.6 / 0.8 mm thick, as we see in the image. In addition, they have protections and reinforcements on both sides.

To find a more precise touch with the gas grip, the Spidi Carbo Track has a silicone reinforcement in the palm that improves this aspect.

Precisely, in the palm we also find seams that reinforce the glove, in addition to inserts in the inner part made in Keramide, a material very resistant to the abrasion.

Between the fingers we find leather with perforations that allow the air circulation and improve the ventilation of the gloves. In this way, we keep our hands fresh and we are comfortable at the controls of our bike.


The Spidi Carbo Track rely on carbon fiber as the main material in their protections. We can see it in the knuckles, with a dynamic protection, in the back and in the heart and ring fingers.

Spidi Carbo TrackDetailed image of the carbon fiber of the protections of the Carbo Track.

Spidi has decided to incorporate padding with Clarino coating on the palm and large panels of TPR “Warrior Tech” on the palm, side and fist. In order to turn them into really safe gloves, we also see reinforcing paddings on the thumb and ring fingers.


The Spidi Carbo Track has a double closure, something vital in case of fall at high speed. They have a velcro strap with a ring that adjusts the glove to the wrist and prevents the gloves from being dismantled, but also the final shank has a second closure with a double velcro panel.

Spidi Carbo TrackThe pre-curved design of the fingers and the paddings ones make them perfect gloves for a sporty driving.

If we talk about touch and movement, the Carbo Track are really flexible and perfectly fit the style of a sports driving, with all the necessary features that require sports gloves.

Spidi Carbo TrackThe Spidi Carbo Track has a double closure, something vital in case of accident at high speed, as we see in the image.

In summary, the Spidi Carbo Track, equipped among others by Marco Melandri, stand out for offering high protection in critical areas such as knuckles, fingers, lower part of the palm and wrist. In addition, they combine adaptability, tact and total sensibility, being ideal for lovers of sporty driving in circuit and road.


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