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Review: AGV Compact, AGV’s premium modular helmet

Reviews and tests 30 November, 2015

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If you are looking for a full-face helmet and the maneuverability of a modular one, the AGV Compact is a helmet that offers the comfort and versatility needed both in a urban and touring use.


The shell of the AGV Compact is made with high resistant thermoplastic resin HIR-TH, which offers to the helmet great resistance against impacts. The helmet has both approvals as a jet and full-face helmets.

General view of the AGV Compact in the full-face mode.

The chin’s opening mechanism is placed on the lower area of the chin. To activate it, we have to pull down the red button, a movement that ensures the chin cannot open accidentally. With the red button pulled down, the chin will be raised easily with a slight pressure. The chin can be placed on the upper area of the shell and we can lock it thanks to a lever we will find on the left side of the helmet. To unlock the chin, we can proceed inverse. The “clack” we will hear when the chin is down will assure us the chin’s right close position.

General view of the AGV Compact in Jet helmet position.


The ventilation system is called IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) and it features three air inlets and other three air outlets.

Detail of the air inlet placed in the upper area of the shell.

The helmet features a wide pipelines according to offer a great ventilation between the inner shell and the padding of the helmet.


The shield of the AGV Compact is named GT2 and its made with policarbonate. It offers a 100% anti UV protection and it has treatment against moisture and scratches. Thanks to the X-Tra Quick Release System (XQRS) we can remove and insert the shield without any tool easily.

The AGV Compact also has a sunvisor integrated on the shell, called ISV. It has anti-scratch treatment, anti-moisture treatment and we can also extract it without any tool.

Detail of the AGV Compact and its sunvisor integrated.

We have to highlight the rubber band we find around the visior space, which gives isolation inside, fitting perfectly with the shield GT2.

Padding and details

The AGV Compact has a multi-density internal padding which offers an optimal comfort to the user, even in case of long journeys. The upper padding has been made with antiseptic lycra, with wide orifices for a great ventilation. Its concave design adapts perfectly to the user, while the side padding has been made with a textile Dry-Comfort, which provides great comfort to that area. All the padding area is removable, washable and there are no external sewings.

The wide orifices placed in the internal shell provide a great ventilation to the inside of the helmet AGV Compact.

Inside the helmet we also find enough space to place an intercom system, and other details, like a different density padding on the neck’s area and a water resistant external material. The AGV Compact has a micrometric closure system and it has  removable chin-guard and nose protector. The helmet also has reflector bands for being seen in low light situations.

Detail of the micrometric closure of the helmet (left) and the reflector band placed in the chin (right).

The AGV Compact is a helmet which priorizes the design, comfort and versatilty. It is useful both for an urban use and for a touring use. It is available in different colors and its sizes range is from the XS to the XL. 


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