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Review: AGV Corsa W Guy Martin, sportiness on the track and road

Reviews and tests 28 October, 2014

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The Italian brand offers us the Corsa W version of the helmet that the Popular Road Races rider, Guy Martin, wears. If you were excited by the documentary “TT 3D Closer to the Edge”, then this helmet will thrill you: a spectacular design, an exact replica of the original, which even includes Guy Martin’s special skull and his sponsors.

We have before us a Premium helmet of AGV’s sports range, together with its sibling, the Pista GP. But in contrast to the latter, the Corsa model offers some superior features for spontaneous road use, something that would be very uncomfortable with the radical and Spartan Pista GP.

The helmet’s outer shell is very lightweight and has been clearly designed for sports use


The outer shell is made of composite fibres (carbon, together with Kevlar and glass fibre), which provide great protection and are light weight.  In fact, the AGV Corsa feels incredibly light in our hands and, thus, it is very comfortable to carry once off the bike.

We have four shell sizes so that we can get the best fit to each size. Its aerodynamic design incorporates a rear spoiler, which improves the air flow in its transition from the helmet to the suit’s hump, reducing any turbulence that might be generated.

Lateral detail of the helmet, with the rear spoiler designed to minimise the turbulence in this area of the helmet


The ventilation system is integrated into the very structure of the helmet. It has three front inlets and one on the chin guard. In contrast to the Pista GP, the front inlets have an adjustment regulator, via an exterior tab, which allows us to adjust them according to the amount of air flow desired.

Detail of the three apertures of the ventilation system, placed on the upper front area of the shell

The inner shell has been designed to conduct the air towards the rear outlet, which is located in the back of the helmet.

The chin guard inlet has the same system, but it is activated from inside the helmet, which is easily reached. This air inlet is designed to prevent fogging up and its channelling is amongst the best on the market, ensuring optimum functionality.

The main aim of the ventilation system located on the chin guard is to keep the screen fog free


The helmet’s visor is made of 3.3 mm thick unbreakable plastic. The field of vision of the Corsa is one of the most looked after elements, as it now offers 15% more frontal visibility and 9% more total visibility. The visor screen is made of anti-scratch material with anti-fog treatment and Pinlock, as well as providing 100% resistance to UV rays, as is the norm for the products from this Italian firm. Like the sports helmet that it is, the visor of the Corsa W has supports for the Tear-Off system, with a flat screen design that avoids the formation of bubbles when placing the plastic.

The vision offered by this Corsa Guy Martin Edition is very good. The firm has taken into account the demands for extreme riding: the upper area of the visor provides great visibility, a great advantage when bent down behind the windscreen on the straight or searching for the apex of the next curve.

The area of the visor’s mechanism is less (up to 71% smaller that the GP-Tech), which favours the structural rigidity of the whole, as well as the lateral protection. The replacement system has been devised for the quick, tool-free removal of the visor.

In this section we must also highlight the safety closure system for the visor, the Micro Lock, which impedes the accidental opening of the visor. To raise it, we must push the button situated on the outer part of the chin guard.

Detail of the safety closure mechanism of the AGV Corsa W’s visor


The interior is completely adjustable. Inside the shell we have various Velcro strips, which help us to finely adjust the inner padding to our physiognomy. To this end, the helmet has additional padding that we can add or remove in function of whether we need more thickness or not in the nape area. The same is true for the cheek pads, which can be thickened with those included in the pack. With all this we can “customise” the inside of the helmet, leaving it fitted to our size, irrespectively of the size we use.

Detail of the interior of the helmet, with the design of the inner shell in EPS and the three density padding

All the interior is of a seamless design, in Dry-Lex fabric of three different densities, for greater breathability and moisture wicking. Also, the padding is completely removable and washable.

The AGV Corsa W Guy Martin has a double buckle fastener, the only competition accepted system.

The closure system of the AGV Corsa W Guy Martin is of double buckle


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