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Review: AGV K-5 Jet, open to the world

Reviews and tests 21 March, 2016

We analyze...

The AGV K5 Jet is the open face version of the popular K-5. Designed for those who move in urban areas, especially with maxi-scooters, the K-5 Jet offers quality and comfort along being handy thanks to its integrated sun visor and wide visoor, thus facilitating commuting.

The shell of the K5 Jet está realizada en CAF (carbon-fiber glass) a type of composite fiber that manages to offer the greatest resistance and protection for such material but with reasonable costs. Inside, there’s a 4 density EPS and overall weight is placed in about 1350 grams.

AGV K-5 Jet frontal (right) and lateral (left) overall view.

The outer shell comes in two sizes and four inner ones, to offer a helmet that fits our head size. Its design integrates a rear spoiler that improves aerodynamic flow around the shell, which also reduces noise and wind movements, very useful when traveling at high speeds.

Helmet’s rear spoiler features the rear air exits helmets.

Ventilation K-5 Jet is acomplished by a system called IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) developed by AGV on wind tunnel facilities. It has three front entrances, all of them ‘on / off’ type. The air is ducted to the rear along the air channel clearly marked on the shell. Before reaching the ‘on/off’ type rear exit the air is distributed through the EPS and internal padding.

Close up of the three air intakes situated in the frontal areas, all featuring an ‘on/off’ type closure.

The K-5 Jet screen is called 17 CITY and features anti-scratching treatment. The screen, which reaches up to the chin, offers a wide view. It’s also prepared for the installation of the Pinlock, although it does not come standard with the helmet. One of the particularities of the AGV K-5 Jet screen is that it has magnetic closure, thus eliminating external mechanisms.
The integrated, also with anti-scratching treatment, sun visor is one of the great attractions of this helmet. It’s operated by a lever on the left side of the shell. Both the screen and the sun visor are removable without tools thanks to XQRS (Extra Quick Release System).
Interior and fastener
Padding is a 3D Dry-Comfort fabric with hygienic treatment. It has some perforated areas, but overall is very similar to the touring helmets from the Italian brand, an overall comfortable padding. The back padding is generous and collar foams seal well our neck, sealing the air inlet in this area, which also has a leather finish and a rubber crown.

Inner padding featuring different densities and perforated zones for optimum ventilation.

The entire interior is removable by push buttons and washable. AGV has provided a foam disposition that allows space for intercom installation on the ears zone. If we’ll not install any, also they come standard a couple of foam to put in this gap. Finally, mention that the lateral padding has a dedicated space for the glasses’ legs. The fastener of this AGV is micrometric type.

The helmet feature micrometric closure system (left). View of the helmet upwards, showing the overall padding (right).

The K-5 Jet is the top helmet in the AGV jet range and its top representative in the “maxi-jet” sub-class, which, esencially, are full face helmets converted to jet type for maximum performances.



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