Review: New motorcycle helmet AGV K-6, the sport-touring novelty

Reviews and tests 12 August, 2019

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AGV bring a new motorcycle helmet on the 2019 motorcycle helmet market! The AGV K-6 is an excellent sport-touring helmet that promises to be a top seller! Discover the analysis, our opinion and its characteristics (and prices) on our presentation in our blog.

AGV presents a novelty, fresh out of the oven: the new K-6, the brand’s sport-touring helmet. It comes as the evolution of the Veloce S in order to become the most polyvalent helmet of the Italian brand. Let’s look at it in detail!

In our hands we have a helmet that’s bound to be a bestseller. Because the K-6 has everything it needs to be so: it’s a full face helmet with the sports genetics so characteristic of AGVs, but that is also suitable for daily use, sport-touring type: you know, motorways, roads, town,….

AGV K-6 Technical features

And it’s very practical for everyday use as it’s very lightweight. Just think, the MS size we have here weighs just 1200g. This is thanks to the multi-fibre shell: we have carbon and aramid fibre which gives the helmet a very good mix of resistance and lightness. The inner shell, the EPS, is of five different densities. What does that mean?

That the thickness of the EPS adapts to the different areas (front, side, upper, etc.,) in order to always afford optimum protection.

The aerodynamic lines of this shell present some very sporting shapes, sharing a common design line with the more sporting siblings of the K6, like the Corsa R. It has a built-in spoiler whose function is to afford stability at high speeds. And, as you know, improved aerodynamics also usually means less turbulence inside and, therefore, less noise.

Talking about air: we have five inlets, two on the chin bar that opens and closes via an on/off button, and then three front inlets that also have two positions, open or closed. The air ducts are clearly marked on the shell, you can see how they’re distributed inside. A sports focus for this section.

Let’s go the visor: we’d like to highlight the width of the screen, front wise as well as sideways, which provides very good peripheral vision. Important for dealing with traffic in the city. Then there’s the screen’s quick release system that is very small, occupying a very little surface of the shell. Result: improved lateral protection.

With the AGV K-6 you get a Pinlock Max Vision 120 anti-fog sheet included which you can easily install. And regarding the closure, AGV maintains the fantastic central button closure system. Easy, simple to activate and safe. Also, apart from leaving the visor fully closed, there’s a mode for leaving a slightly open slit, perfect for when it’s hot or for if the screen fogs up.

And you’ll be asking yourself: The built-in solar visor? Well the K-6 doesn’t have one.

AGV K-6 intercom compatibility

More things: the interior. Here we find three different types of fabric for covering the foams, all with anti-humidity treatment for sweat absorption. In the base of the side foams, we have the rapid extraction system, indicated by these red strips. The base of the helmet is arched in order to reduce the risk of shoulder lesions.

The K-6 is devised to be practical, which is why there’s a space for installing an intercom inside. Which one can we install in this K-6? A universal one or AGV’s own brand ARK intercom. This is characterized by its stylized shape, which fits in perfectly with the outer shell to not interrupt the helmet’s aerodynamics. Just so you know.

Finally, there’s the double buckle closure, the safest system and with which, if you want, you can go on the track and do some laps.

It’s that the K-6 is a very versatile helmet. Sporty enough to enjoy on weekend getaways or even for some laps, but also practical for day to day use thanks to its low weight, capacity for an intercom and the little details that we said about the screen, the Pinlock, etc. It’s valid for your naked, your sport-touring or urban trial bike. Anyway, a helmet for everything that will surely become a bestseller.

It’s available in a ton of different graphics and, as time goes by, there’ll be more. You know that AGV usually has a very ample catalog of graphics.


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