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Review: AGV Pista GP RR, the new Valentino Rossi’s helmet

Reviews and tests 26 August, 2019

We analyze...

We have the Valentino Rossi’s helmet: the AGV Pista GP RR. Exactly the same model that Rossi uses and many other riders and that you can buy at Motocard…it has FIM Racing 2019 homologation so that you can compete professionally!

AGV Pista GP RR. Why so many Rs? Because it’s a helmet devised by and for the track. Can you wear it on the road? Yes, even though it’s a MotoGP helmet. Cool huh?

AGV with FIM Racing homologation

As we told you in a video in June 2019, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has introduced a new rule for competition helmets and this obligates manufacturers to re-homologate their models devised for competition. We saw it with the Shark Race-R Pro GP, and AGV has done the same with their Pista GP R, which in this version, homologated by the FIM, is now called the Pista GP RR.

What does FIM Racing homologation provide? Well, first of all, the guarantee that you can compete at a national and international level without problems. Then, you need to know that it is the most demanding standard as regards impact resistance and other safety parameters. So, basically, you’ll know you wearing the crème de la crème on your head.

And as I said before, the Pista GP RR also complies with the homologations required for riding on the street, such as the European ECE 22.05.

AGV Pista GP RR, a MotoGP helmet

The shell is completely made of carbon fibre and compared with the previous GP R version, it’s now thicker, with up to 5 mm of thickness. Why? As we said: to pass the FIM homologation, now the shells have more material.

This makes the GP RR weigh about 100 grams more than the GP R. Now we’re around 1550 grams for a size MS, like the one I’m holding here. How does this translate on the go? It’s not very noticeable. In fact, the sensation is still light, it doesn’t fling back or forwards like a pendulum. You know that, in a competition helmet, not feeling the weight of the helmet helps us move better and concentrate more.

By the way, a tangent as to sizes: it will be available in 7 sizes, from XS to XXL, distributed into 4 shell sizes.

I’m not going to say anything about the safety and resistance of the Pista GP RR because as I said, it’s beyond question if it passes the FIM homologation. But I will highlight the aerodynamics. Look at this great piece of a rear spoiler. It’s not decorative: this helmet has been designed for MotoGP, bikes that reach 350 km/h. Imagine the turbulences at this speed! Crazy. Which is why we have this great spoiler designed in the wind tunnel. I’ll just leave you with one piece of data from the brand: until you reach 160 km/h you’ll hardly feel anything.

More things that make the Pista GP RR a track animal: the air inlets. In other AGV models, these front inlets have a cover that allows you to have them open or closed. In the Pista GP RR they’re fully open. Whilst you’re riding, you are not opening and closing inlets. Or you leave them open when you set out or closed with the rubber plugs that come with the helmet. That’s the Pista GP RR; no half measures.

AGV Pista GP RR: technical features

About the GP RR’s screen I want to highlight its 5mm thickness and the lateral vision it offers. It’s one of the track helmets that offers more vision on both sides, up to 190 degrees of vision. Obviously this helmet has brackets for tear-off, you know: the disposable clear sheets. And you should also know that the helmet comes with a Pinlock 120 sheet so you can install it if you want to fight the fog.

About the screen closure: in their sports helmets, AGV has this type of central lock that works via a button. It’s very well thought out: it has two positions, fully closed and another with just a slit to let air pass.

Inside the helmet we find a super sports padding that has been completely redesigned. What’s special about it? You can customise it: the three foams of the upper part can be modified to your liking thanks to the Velcro hitches.

All the foams have different thicknesses for the best possible fit. Padding that also seeks maximum breathability. So you know, there’s an emergency extraction system in the event of an accident, as indicated by the two red tabs to pull and remove the cheek pads.

And, as you’d expect, the closure is double buckle and made of titanium, as it’s the only type admitted on the track.

AGV Pista GP RR: devised for the track

There’s an English saying, the devil is in the detail, and in the case of the Pista GP RR it’s true. Details of good taste like the chin curtain, that comes installed, to refine the aerodynamics. Then, the contour of the base of the helmet is slightly convex, slightly arched, and this is to reduce the risk of lesions to the trapezius and shoulders in the event of an impact.

And, finally, as well as for the Pista GP R, it comes with a hydration tube. You link the tube to the Camelback or the hydration bag you have in your suit. I believe that it’s the only helmet on the market that comes with this accessory, and, already installed. Come on, it can’t be any more of a race helmet.

In summary, AGV has put all the MotoGP technology within our reach with the FIM Racing homologation. If we had to redact a Football headline it would be: RRadical! With two ‘R’. And if you want it with Ross’s graphics or another AGV rider, pay attention as we’ll be revealing future unboxings.


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