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Review: AGV Pista GP W, the exclusivity of racing

Reviews and tests 6 November, 2014

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Here we have one of the lightest helmets on the market, designed exclusively for competition. The Pista GP W is an aggressive helmet that places high speed safety and performance before comfort on the go.


The shell has been made almost entirely of carbon fibre, conferring the helmet a very lightweight. The Pista GP W has 4 different shell sizes and its shape has been designed to provide maximum protection to those parts of the body exposed to greater risk in the event of a fall, such as the clavicle and the nape of the neck (the back part fits perfectly with the suit’s hump). The inner shell is of polyurethane with 5 different densities for greater protection and an optimum absorption of any knocks. Lastly, we highlight the exterior neoprene rim that surrounds the lower part of the helmet, keeping water out of the helmet.

AGV Pista GP WDetail of part of the lower side of the helmet, of carbon fibre and with Rossi’s 46, as well as the lower neoprene rim


The helmet’s graphics correspond to the Sole Luna used by Rossi during the 2013 and 2014 seasons, where the yellow colour of the sun predominates (symbol of energy) along with the blue colour of the moon. Both symbols have been used by Rossi since his beginnings as a motorcycle racer. This version of the Pista GP W also incorporates the Monster logo on the sides of the helmet.

AGV Pista GP WThe helmet’s graphics use the yellow and blue colours, as well as leaving areas to show off the carbon fibre


As for the screen, this has been designed in unbreakable, 3.3 mm plastic, for competition use. It has a completely flat profile in order to incorporate the Tear Off system and it also comes with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. Also, the visor can only be raised when activating the safety mechanism found on the upper part of the helmet’s chin guard.

AGV Pista GP WDetail of the screen’s mechanism and the flat profile of the Pista Gp W’s visor

As regards the screen’s mechanism, this is much smaller that in most helmets. This favours the structural integrity of the helmet. The visor is removable without the need for tools. Also, it provides 15º more field of vision in the upper part, favouring vision when tucked behind the bike’s windshield.


The competition genes can be felt in the ventilation system of the Pista GP W, as the helmet has been designed to provide optimum removal of hot air. There are apertures of the ventilation system in the chin guard, whose aim is to keep the inside of the visor from misting up. This aperture can be opened and closed thanks to the mechanism located inside the chin guard. The rest of the ventilation system is found in the upper part of the helmet’s shell and there’s only the option of having it completely closed or open, by manually placing the tongues, before setting off.

AGV Pista GP WDetail of the apertures of the helmet’s ventilation system


The helmet’s interior is made of Dry-Lex material, that provides great breathability and total moisture wicking. The Pista GP W uses a revolutionary new system that allows us to play with the Velcro straps in the interior in order to custom fit the padding to the shape of our head and face. Also, this helmet includes extra foam for if we want to reinforce the fit in the cheek and nape areas. The padding uses three different densities for greater comfort and is seamless. The interior is completely removable and washable.

AGV Pista GP WDetail of the helmet’s interior and the polyurethane outer shell

Another detail that we find in the helmet’s padding is a fabric strip, pleasant to the touch, which can be placed on our forehead in order to wick sweat. As in all sports helmet’s, the AGV Pista GP W has a double D retention system.


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