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Review: AGVisor, the Race 2 screen with e-tint LCD technology

Reviews and tests 28 April, 2015

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The Italian manufacturer AGV presents a helmet screen that allows you to change from a clear vision to a tinted one just touching a button. This product has been named commercially named ‘AGVisor’: it’s a LCD e-tint system in a Race 2 screen.

¿What is and how works e-tint?

AGV has incorporated the e-tint technology in a Race 2 helmet screen. This means that the screen have a LCD system (Liquid Cristal Display). Appling a tiny voltage in the liquid crystals –thanks to a little battery- inside the screen makes them move in the opposite line from the light, making it less penetrable to light rays. This is called ‘electro chromatic lens’.

The final result is easier to understand: with just touching a button, we can change from a clear to a tinted visor and reverse the operation -all in less than a second.


This is very helpful in situation like when riding on roads in deep forests o when passing tunnels. Actually, the screen is not homolgated for night use because it’s polarized (lightly smoked to human vision), even in the clear mode. Nevermind, in low-level light situations, the clear mode vision range it’s superior to any other polarized tinted visors on the marked.


As we mentioned before, the screen incorporates a little battery in order to work properly the LCD system. So, we must charge it with the USB included in the product kit. It takes two hours to full load the battery, offering 50 hours in clear mode and 12 in tinted mode. The USB port it’s located in the side button, with the light sensor.

The AGVisor still maintain the same features of a Race 2 standard screen, including an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. A highlight from the AGVisor it’s its lightness: a standard Race 2 weights 178gr and the Race 2 with e-tint is just 20 grams superior (198gr), imperceptible in the overall weight.


The AGVisor/Race 2 e-tint is now available for AGV PistaGP, Corsa and GT-Veloce. If you’re looking for one of these helmets or you’re a owner, the AGV is an interesting buying option: puts these sporty helmets in the same level of its integrated sun visor touring helmets but not compromising the structural shell integrity and overall lightness and improving our security while riding on light changing conditions. With the e-tint technology, AGV look confidently to the future of helmets screens.


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