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Review: Airoh Aviator 2.3. AMS, one of the best off road helmets of the moment

Reviews and tests 3 June, 2019

We analyze...

This is how the new Off-Road helmet Airoh Aviator 2.3. AMS2 looks like. We tell you all characteristics, price and much more. Discover that in our post.

It`s been a while since we’ve analysed an Off-Road motorcycle helmet. So here you have one of the main novelties within the motocross and enduro helmet segment: the Airoh Aviator 2.3. AMS2, a high range helmet to really take notice of. We’ll quickly explain what it’s like in this post.

This new Off-Road helmet is an evolution of the top of the range helmet of the Italian brand but where various technological novelties have been introduced.

Top range helmet Airoh Aviator 2.3. AMS2

Main features

One of its main features is that it incorporates the brand’s patented AMS system (Airoh Multiaction Safety System), which provides greater rotational energy absorption in the event of an angular impact.

On the other hand, this helmet also has the A.E.F.R. (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove) system for emergency removal in the event of an accident and for easy removal of the side pads.

This is how it looks. Cool, right?


As regards the shell, it is made of carbon and Kevlar and has a Multi-Axial structure. All this gives us great lightness. The weight has always been a differentiating feature of Airoh’s top of the range helmets. In this case we’re talking about a weight of around 1070 grams for Size M. By the way, this Airoh has 2 shell sizes; from XS to M, and L to XL.

If you look closely, just like its predecessor, this Airoh has loads of inlets on the front and top and air exhausts on the rear so that the airflow really circulates, another thing we look for in a helmet like this, as with Off-Road you sweat a lot. If you feel like it, you can attach covers on the top inlets, especially indicated for those colder days.

Double ring attachment.

The interiors have also been devised to wick sweat to the max as they are made of MicroSense microfiber which allows for great airflow avoiding the entry of dust and wicks moisture.

The really interesting thing about the interior is that it has magnetic hooks. Very convenient and easy to attach. By the way, as is normal in this type of high end helmet, the front inlet has a grid and filter to keep stones and dust out.

This is the third generation of this helmet.

Some final features of this helmet and which differentiates it from the competition are that it affords a great field of view, the double buckle closure is of aluminium, the screws of the adjustable visor are very quickly operated, we have a removable nose guard and an integrated support for a GoPro.


If you’re looking for a high end Off-Road helmet with guarantees, this Airoh Aviator 2.3. is one of the best options of its segment. The crème de la crème. On a par with the Shoei VFX-WR, the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10, the Arai MX-V or the Fox V3, for a few examples.

You have it available in a load of different graphics.


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