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Review: Airoh Terminator 2.1, for all around off-road

Reviews and tests 5 May, 2015

We analyze...

A versatile off-road helmet for Motocross tracks but also for all kinds of enduro trails, that's the main aim of the Airoh Terminator 2.1. Extremly light with agresive look and destacable features -like the quick release system- this Airoh will prove very usefull to all the off-road users that look for something more.

Shell and design

The outer shell is made from a combination carbon fibber and Kevlar called ‘Carbon Kevlar’. This technology, know in Airoh as Multi Axial, allows for a great structural stiffness with an excellent overall weight: 1,050 grams in the scale, among the best in his class. The Terminator is available in two different shell sizes.

Airoh Terminator 2.1

The angular lines and the aerodynamic spoilers make for an aggressive looking overall design. Furthermore, the variety of Airoh colourful graphics available will assure that we can find one that match with our bike and gear.


The Terminator’s 2.1 ventilation system contribute to the design aggressive lines because the helmet features an advanced channelling air system with three air intakes in the chin, two more in the frontal area and two more between the front and the goggles. These last four intakes drive the air into the EPS to two exits in the rear and a fourfold exit in the nape.

Airoh Terminator 2.1

As mentions before, there’re aerodynamic spoilers along the outer shell: the foremost is in the chin zone, but there’s also spoilers in the shell’s back, specially a big one that not only allows for a better air flow but also accommodates the nape’s fourfold exit.


The Terminator’s visor is adjustable, allowing changes for a lower or higher position thanks to three plastic bolts that also allows its total remove. The visor lines are also aerodynamic, developed in a wind tunnel in order to prevent an excessive drag caused by the wind, an effect called ‘lifting’ that disturbs the rider.

Airoh Terminator 2.1

Interiors and locking system

All the padding is completely removable and washable. The fabric is highly breathable and have a Sanitized treatment that maintains the inner padding at healthy levels, no matter our sweating. The top end of the padding is perforated in order to optimise the EPS air channels flow.

Airoh Terminator 2.1

The Airoh Terminator 2.1 feature a double buckle fastener -made in alloy- that indicates we can race with it, because is the only allowed system in racetracks. Also features a quick release system in case of serious fall. This systems works thanks to two red straps situated in the lateral pads: if you pull the straps the cheek pads with fall, easing the helmet extraction thus preventing neck injury.

Airoh Terminator 2.1

In all, we have found in this Airoh very good characteristics for a mid-high level off-road helmet. The Terminator aims for a greater versatility than its brother the Aviator. Its price is slightly below the Shoei VFX-W and the Fox V3, but have interesting features, like the quick release system, advanced aerodynamics and carbon Kevlar fibber lightweight shell. Without doubt, the Terminator 2.1 is a very for off-road fans.



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