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Review: Airoh Twist, comfortable, light and affordable

Reviews and tests 23 December, 2015

We analyze...

The Airoh Twist is the Airoh CR901's substitute and features lightness, comfort and ventilation at a very low price. It is a helmet designed for those users who are entering to the offroad world and are not consolidated.

The outer shell is made of high strength HRT thermoplastic resin. The new design, showing aggressive lines, makes the Twist lighter than its predecessor CR901, reaching near 1,180 grams for a M size, a very good value that makes this helmet in a very comfortable in a item to carry .
The construction and design of the Twist follows the lines of the Airoh’s ‘big brothers’ models Terminator and Aviator, taking the essentials of these more professional helmets to have a new design that packs Airoh’s whole experience in the off-road models. That’s why the Twist has more space for glasses, especially improving side vision when compared to its predecessor.

Airoh Twist lateral (left) and frontal view (right).

Twist Airoh ventilation is entrusted to three front intakes, located at the top of the gap for the glasses. Air enters through these channels into the shell to find the exit by two generously sized rear slots.
There’s also a rear exit at the neck, acting as a deflector, which expels the air from the bottom of the padding. In the chin we find a generous air inlet, containing a foam dust filter. The angular lines around the outter shell help to camouflage the true size of these entries, which are more than efficient than they seem.

The helmet’s agresive lines blend perfectly the angular air intakes around the outter shell.


The Airoh Twist visor follow the aggressive lines of the whole pack, improving the aerodynamic flow and incorporating two large openings to prevent the “sail effect” (when the air creates pressure on the visor and causes unwanted movements). This visor is removable and adjustable thanks to three transparent plastic bolts.

Twist top view, featuring the three plastic bolts anchoring the visor.

Interior and closures

The inner padding is very comfortable thanks to a fabric that it’s soft and breathable. A mesh fabric wraps around the interior and on the padded areas are numerous, but with ventilation in those areas where it’s needed more ventilation, like the top of our head.

The fastening system is a double metal buckle, as required in all helmets homologated for track and racing use.

The padding feature an high density fabric (left). Airoh Twits main fastener is double D type (right).

The Airoh Twist is a helmet with all the essential for riding while keeping costs affordable for all oof-roads fans. And yet, it shines in areas such as comfort and lightweight, making it a perfect helmet for beginners in off-road.


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