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Review: Arai Chaser V Eco Pure, internal innovation

Reviews and tests 14 March, 2016

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The Arai Chaser V have been renewed thanks to the use of a new padding material called Eco-Pure in order to continue offering Arai's winning formula: sportiness and quality. Thanks to this new material, the interior is now more ventilated and more hygienic.


The Chaser V is Arai’s mid-range sport helmet, but shares many of the features offered by its ‘big brother’ RX-7V. Thus we find the shell designed according to Arai’s ‘R75’ pattern. This shell features a constant 75º radius which helps to disperse more efficiently the kinetic energy in case of crash.Arai Chaser V Eco Pure front-side view.

The shell is made of laminated superfibre (SFL), the standard material other Arai helmets, and has a multi-density EPS, that is up to three and five different densities of materials according to the helmet area. The overall weight is 1550 grams for a size M.
Chaser V  Eco Pure ventilation is committed to an upper inlet, with an on/off type closure and a double rear exit which also functions as spoiler, facilitating air removal through the EPS. As in other brand’s helmets, all air intakes and external spoilers are designed to break off on impact.

Rear spoiler close up.

There is also an air entry in the chin, adjustable in three positions and small air intakes integrated in the top of the visor, an exclusive Arai system that minimize opening points on the outer shell preventing any reduction of shell rigidity in case of impact .
The helmet’s visor is the Super Adsis I. The mechanism of the visor has protective covers, but in order to get the screen quickly and without tools you have simply to press a small lever on both sides at the same time and the visor will be detached, a system that Arai calls LRS (Lever Release System).
A rubber crown surrounds the perimeter in order to improve sealing and soundproofing. The Chaser-V Eco-Pure comes as standard with the effective Pinlock anti-fog system.

We can apreciate the visor’s rubber band, plus the helmet air intakes in combination with Eco-Pure padding’s ventilated mesh.

As mentioned at the beginning, the great renewal of this helmet is inside. Now the Chaser V has an ‘Eco Pure’ interior, a coating that offers greater ventilation values than the previous version. Padded with this new technology, it has improved its anti-bacterial propiesties, as now also prevents the creation of moisture embedded in layers of foam, whether formed by bacteria or by solid elements (anti-fouling characteristics). Other advantages of the Eco Pure technology is that the padding is more pleasant to the touch and maintains its anti-odor properties.

Beatiful pic featuring in detail the Eco-Pure texture.

Neverless, the padding continues to have microperforated areas for maximum sportivity. The inner foams, all removable and washable, are pleasant to the touch and generally feel comfortable. Padding surrounding the jaw is created under the Facial Contour System system where the foam press the cheek to improve grip. This foam can be changed by a system of layers that can be removed individually thus customizing its thickness to our facial anathomy.

The Chaser-V Eco-Pure feature double D ring closure (left). Overall view of helmet’s base (right).

Closures and details
The Chaser V is equiped with a double D ring closure system, the safest and the only type that allows us to enter to the racetrack. And, as in all Arai products, the Chaser-V Eco-Pure comes with a five year warranty.
In short, the Arai Chaser V Eco Pure is still the high quality and sporty helmet than the previous models, but now with an optimised interior.

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