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Review: Arai Chaser V

Reviews and tests 28 June, 2015

We analyze...

The Arai Chaser V is a mid-class sporty helmet. But, as we are talking about Arai, the features are nearer from the Arai's premium helmets. It combines sporty features but it is more versatile.


Starting off from the base of the Arai Quantum and Rebel, the outer shell of theChaser V has been made with Super Fibre Laminate (SFL). As for the other Arai, the whole is designed using the firm’s ‘R75’ pattern, the rule whereby the helmet’s shell does not exceed a rounding off angle of 75 degrees. According to Arai, in the event of an impact, a rounder shell allows you to disperse the kinetic energy of the helmet more efficiently in a fall, impacting against any possible obstacle in a more indirect or biased manner. All together this gives us a rounder, smoother (that is, with fewer irregularities) and therefore, more resistant helmet. Its weight is around 1.550 grams.


The ventilation uses the air channels placed in the EPS. There is a main air inlet located in the helmet’s frontal area, with an on-off mechanism. There are two air outlets located in the spoiler, at the back of the helmet. There is another air entrance located in the chin area, with a three position mechanism. Its main objective is to avoid the moisture into the visor. Finally, we have to mention the “eyebrow entrance”, which are placed in the visor and optimizes the airflow that comes to the helmet.


The visor of the helmet is the Super AdSis I model, with 5 mm. of vision. There is a rubber that seals the visor with the shell, offering an excellent isolation and avoiding the noise inside the helmet. With the helmet there is a Pinlock layer included. The visor can be extracted if we push a lever that we will find in the visor’s mechanism, easily and without the help of any tool.


As we are talking about a sporty helmet, the padding has microperforated areas. Its interiors are fully washable and removable. It provides a great touch and also offers great comfort. Thanks to the Facial Contour System, the padding adapts perfectly to our face and head, offering great adjustment and reducing vibrations.

Closures and details

The Arai Chaser V has a double ring closure and includes a five year warranty.

The Arai Chaser V is a great chance for those Arai lovers of having a product from the Japanese manufacturer with highest level of quality.


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