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Review: ARAI MX-V, the off road evolution

Reviews and tests 3 August, 2014

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This is one of the helmets with the best finishes on the market. The Arai MX-V is the evolution of the VX-pro 3 and its design corresponds to the brand’s commitment to offering maximum safety against any eventual impacts whilst practising any off road specialty. 

The design of the Arai MX-V offers rounded lines, without any edges or exaggerated angles in order to ensure maximum integrity of the helmet and to provide optimum impact resistance. We find that Arai 


The MX-V shell is made of a CLC fibre composite (Complex Laminate Construction) and a fibre layer exclusive to Arai sandwiched between the two layers of Super fibre, a material that is 40% stronger than fibreglass as regards extension as well as bending resistance.

General view of the helmet: the shell has very rounded contours


An off road helmet needs an optimum ventilation system and the Arai MX-V is up to it. The front part of the helmet has air intakes on the chin guard (with a stainless steel grid with adjustable opening) and under the visor. As regards the extractors, these are on the back of the helmet (removable). These parts are removable and easy to clean.

Detail of the inner shell and the helmet’s ventilation system


The interior is Dry-Cool, a competition tested fabric, with removable and washable accessories. The padding follows the philosophy of the Facial Contour System, which provides a “spring” effect that makes it easier to put the helmet on. With the Arai MX-V you win in comfort, as the system provides greater support all around the protection are of the helmet, especially the jaw and cheek areas.  

The side pads have the Emergency Release System


The design of the visor follows the correct parameters for optimising the helmet’s aerodynamics as well as the users’ ventilation. On the one hand the visor conducts the air towards the front inlets to increase the cooling of the helmet. On the other hand, the different ducts and orifices of the visor reduce the “lifting” effect at high speeds. Also, its elongated and rounded shape better protects the rider from mud, water and dust.

Other accessories

The later coating on the helmet’s opening stands out, as it ensures that the strap of the off road goggles are well held under any riding conditions. The MX-V has a double ring fastener and it has also breath deflector.

The breath guard is detachable


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