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Review: Arai Rebel, the helmet for non-faired bikes

Reviews and tests 2 December, 2014

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With the Arai Rebel, the Japanese firm presents a helmet with studied aerodynamics for those whose mounts have limited fairing or windscreen protection. Also, the ‘retro’ look of its lines, combines aesthetics and convenience for those seeking a helmet in keeping with their café racer, naked or custom bike. Because being a road rebel does not have to be incompatible with enjoying the best gear.


Starting off from the base of the Arai Quantum, the outer shell of the Rebel has been made with Super Fibre Laminate (SFL). AS for the other Arai, the whole is designed using the firm’s ‘R75’ pattern, the rule whereby the helmet’s shell does not exceed a rounding off angle of 75O. According to Arai, in the event of an impact, a rounder shell allows you to disperse the kinetic energy of the helmet more efficiently in a fall, impacting against any possible obstacle in a more indirect or biased manner. All together this gives us a rounder, smoother (that is, with fewer irregularities) and therefore, more resistant helmet.

Detail of the helmet’s shell and the upper air inlet

Working together, the exterior spoilers break off in the event of an impact in order to not interfere with the R75 structural rigidity system. The weight of the helmet is around 1.600 grams.

Aerodynamics and ventilation

As previously mentioned, the aerodynamics is the key issue in this helmet. Devised to improve the aerodynamic flow on bikes with little fairing, the Arai Rebel includes some interesting details compared to other models of the brand and which we’ll comment in continuation.

To start with, highlight that the shape of the helmet has been designed to support great frontal wind resistance. To this end, we must point out the neoprene crown placed on the base of the helmet. This crown already has a small spoiler to facilitate air flow around the neck. Another detail that optimises this flow is the mechanism that allows you to move the internal chin bar like a spoiler, as well as providing correct thermal and wind protection in this area.

As regards the helmet’s ventilation system, this relies on two areas as main air inlets. One is on the chin bar, which incorporates a generous grid of spectacular and very functional design. This chin bar has three grooves which can be adjusted to two positions (open and closed). This scope of the chin bar has two great advantages: it provides a greater air inlet when riding at low speed and prevents the visor misting up.

Detail of the aperture system of the ventilations system situated on the chin bar.

As well as the air inlet on the chin bar, the Arai Rebel has two more air inlets placed on the upper front part of the helmet, which have been designed to optimally absorb the air, guiding the air throughout the inner shell of the helmet. Also, in this point they have taken into account that the user usually has a more upright position, which is why there is a greater wind resistance. These air inlets are adjustable to two positions, whilst the air outlets, placed on the back of the shell, are also on/off and easily operated.

Detail of the ventilation system outlet, placed on the back of the helmet.

Another factor that helps provide optimum ventilation of the Rebel, and that is common to all helmets of the Japanese firm, is the air inlets on the top part of the visor. These air inlets are small grooves that can be opened or closed via a system of tabs. These air inlets have been designed such that the air does not reach the eyes, thanks to an excellent canalisation that diverts the air flow towards the inner shell. In this way we obtain optimum ventilation, without the wind affecting our comfort on the go.


The Arai Rebel incorporates the Super Adsis I clear visor, devised to be removed and mounted without tools. But the greatest detail of this visor model is the wider visual field (5 mm more) compared to other visors of the brand. The Super Adsis I incorporates an anti-fog Pinlock as standard.

And another important point related to ventilation of the helmet is the closure of the Super Adsis I visor. This system allows for three different positions: one hermetically closed, another the possibility of opening the visor in any position and finally, we can leave a slit of just a few millimetres for optimum ventilation of the visor, whilst the closure ensures that it can’t accidently open or move in any of the positions. The breath guard optimises, even more, the visor’s ventilation, avoiding it misting up.

Side view, with the visor opening system and the neoprene crown in the lower part of the base.


As regards the interiors of the Arai Rebel, these have the FCS system (Facial Contour System), where the interior spring foams adapt to the shape of our face and head, such that when they are compressed it is very easy to put on or take off the helmet and, at the same time, fits “snugly” to our facial features, so that in the event of an impact, the force of the knock is spread throughout the padding, reducing the concentration of the force in one point, and, therefore, the risk of injury.

The side padding affords a custom fit thanks to the “Peel Away” system, to modify the inner foam of the padding until finding the position that best adapts to our features. All the padding is removable and washable.

Detail of the helmet’s interior and the double buckle fastener system.

Although this is not a helmet devised for using on the track, Arai has not hesitated in equipping it with a double ring fastener, for the greater safety of the wearer.

Therefore, the Arai Rebel is a high range helmet that leaves behind the synergies of the sports helmets and centres on a new need, that of providing optimum protection and convenience for those who need a product devised principally for wearing in a more upright position and for motorbikes with hardly any aerodynamic protection, typical features of a café racer, naked or custom bike.


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