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Review: Arai Tour-X 4, polyvalence with adventure spirit

Reviews and tests 7 July, 2015

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The Arai Tour-X4 is a dual sport helmet for those looking for a suitable helmet for city use, long journeys and eventual ride in dirty trails. As this new generation of dual sports, it's not about pure off-road performance, but an touch of adventure that allows us to use it in a wide range of situations and even with screen visor or MX goggles.

Made from Super Laminated Fiber, the same material used in other Arai models, like the Chaser V, the Tour-X4 outer shell have been designed around the Arai’s exclusive ‘R75’ concept: the shell’s round angle never surpass the 75º degree, making it more effective in a crash, as the kinetic energy scatters more regularly all around the helmet and avoiding a single point in the shell absorb all the weight of the impact. For this reason, the overall lines of the Tour-X4 are very rounder, as is characteristic in all the Arai. The dry weight is near the 1620 grams for an M size.
Arai have designed an EPS for the Tour-X4 with five different layers, searching for an optimum hit absorption. Arai helmets always pass several security tests, even more demanding than the need for market homologation, so there are always offering us a quality and trusted product.

Arai Tour-X4 frontal and side view.

The Tour-X4 feature two frontal ‘on/off type’ air intakes. The air flows inside the EPS and find the exit in the two rear exits situated in the rearward spoiler. These exits have an opening system based on two rods that can be adjusted in three different positions. The rods move laterally, covering the exits. The system is easy to work and have been seen in other Arai helmets, as the famous RX-7GP.

Close view on ventilation elements. All of them will be removed in case of fall, not compromising the overall shell security.

All these external elements on the helmets, ventilation tunnels and rear spoiler, have been design to be removed when crashing, in order to impede any restriction on the shell’s endurance and rigidity.
The chin features two air grids and another ‘on/off’ type air entry, this one designed to impede fog from tarnishing the screen.

Chin air intake close view.

Screen and visor

As in any off-road helmet, the Tour-X4 includes a dirt visor, but this is also combined with a classical road screen. Thanks to this combination, the Tour-X4 allows us to remove the screen and use off-road goggles, making it a great all around.
The dirt visor can be annoying at high speed, as is usual in any helmet with it. For this reason it has tow air entries, looking to impede any air drag, but we recommend removing it if you plan to travel long distances at high speed. Arai, knowing that, has design a simply removal system: the screen and the visor share the same mechanism of four plastic bolts fixed in the two side anchorages. Using a screwdriver we can remove either the visor or the screen or both. When finishing, we’ll mount again the bolts over the anchorages.
The screen is the VX-TX model that offers a big sight and comes standard with a dismounted antifog Pinlock. In the screen we find two ‘brownvents’, a type of air entries situated in the screen’s top that flows the air into two small air intakes situated just above our eyebrows.
 Close view on the “browvents”, another type of air intake that optimize the overall ventilation.
Interior and fastenings
The inner padding is totally replaceable and washable and is microperforated for a better sporty performance. This means an advantage over a classic touring helmet design when shifting to a more aggressive riding style and also will be useful in the hottest months of the year, making the Tour-X4 a suitable element for an all year use.
The chin pads follow the ‘Facial Contour System’ concept, where the foam acts as a spring, pressing our chins for a better adjustment. Also, the padding can be regulated thanks to an adaptable system of foam layers.

Front view of the Arai Tour-X4 inner padding.

The Tour-X4 has Energy Release System that allows the removing of the chinpads without the need of remove all the helmet. The closing system is a double D ring, the safest.
With the Tour-X4, Arai has a Premium product in the dual sport market segment, making it a perfect choose for those with adventure spirit who look for a versatile helmet but with an eye too on quality, finishing, and a five year guarantee.

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