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Review: Preview of the new Schuberth C4

Reviews and tests 21 December, 2016

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Today we have a preview of what will be the new Schuberth C4. The C4 represents the latest evolution in modular helmets of the German brand. Schuberth has decided to go for a radically different design in order to advance in two aspects: aerodynamics and integration of the intercom.

New shell design

The Schuberth C4 is made of fiberglass via a new production system, called ‘Direct Fiber Processing’. The result is a lighter, more resistant shell.

Schuberth C4General view of the Schuberth C4.

The unique design of the C4 is fruit of a superb effort made in the aerodynamics by the brand, as can be appreciated in its clean lines and the built in rear spoiler. Schuberth has worked in the wind tunnel to improve aerodynamic efficiency: the aim was to minimise head movments at high speed, gaining stability and therefore riding comfort.

Schuberth C4The C4 with the chin bar raised and the built in sun visor unfolded

Innovative screen

They also worked on the aerodynamic aspect, the new visor presents an innovative design. Its lines accompany the shape of the shell ansd incorporates turbulators, the triangular appendages present in the upper area, for reducing noise inside the helmet. This new screen also presents a lateral vision far superior to other models, affording a very wide field of view, as well as anti-fog treatment.

Schuberth C4Detail of the screen’s turbulators.

Just to mention that this unit we are presenting at Motocard is a pre-series unit with a dark screen that Schuberth has lent us as an advance, but the C4 will originally be sold with the clear screen. On the other hand, the C4 has a built in solar visor, with the operating lever on the left side.

Schuberth C4The built in solar visor has its operating level on the lower left hand side of the chin bar.

New ventilation system

The ventilation system of the Schuberth C4 presents new multi-channel ducting, a complex system which allows for a high airflow in but dampens the noise generated inside the helmet.

Schuberth C4Air inlets ont he chin bar (left) and upper area (right).

ShinyTex Interior 

Inside now, the C4 has a new material called ShinyTex, quick drying with anti-bacterial properties. The brand has worked on an internal distribution which allows for a better fit and hold to our head at high speeds.The closure is micrometric and with the brand’s Anti-Roll-Off system.

Schuberth C4General view of the base of the Schuberth C4 (left) and details of the foam and material (right).

Built in intercom accessories 

One of the great aces of this helmet is that it has a pre-installed antenna, speakers and microphone, with a Bluetooth system. These allow us to install Schuberth’s SC1 intercom and its battery in the compartments specifically designed for it. The SC1 is an intercom developed by the German brand together with a specialist company of the sector. Senna, It is a ‘plug and play’ system, i.e., once installed we can use it immediately, thanks to all the pre-insalled accessories that we’ve mentioned. And the advantages don’t stop here: the fact that the C4 has an interior space for the SC1 intercom gives it a more compact, clean finish, visually and aerodynamically.

Schuberth C4The two covered entrances on the lower part of the helmet are the spaces dedicated to the installation of the SC1 intercom and its battery.

In short, the German firm hopes to revolutionise the modular helmet segment with the new C4, a helmet that seeks greater comfort and ease of use in all aspects. If you are interested in this helmet, the Schuberth C4 can now be reserved at Motocard.com.


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