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Review: Biltwell Lane Splitter, a vintage full-face motorcycle helmet with an aggressive look

Reviews and tests 2 October, 2019

We analyze...

Looking for a great helmet for your scrambler, custom or cafe racer motorcycle? This is the new Biltwell Lane Splitter, an aggressive helmet with great features. We analyse it in this post.

It’s not the first, nor the last time that we’ve said this at Motocard: Retro and Vintage are bigger than ever. Vermouths, thick-rimmed glasses, long socks like Björn Borg and, of course, custom, scrambler, cafe racer motorcycles and all the gear to be really up to date. There’s a wide range of retro, vintage and café racer helmets.

The latest: the Biltwell brand with this spectacular full-face helmet: the Biltwell Lane Splitter, a helmet that’s going to attract all the attention at the traffic lights and which we’ll analyse in this post.

Biltwell Lane Splitter, analyse

What aggressive aesthetics this helmet has! And this is what sets this Biltwell Lane Splitter apart: the aggressive look it has. There aren’t many options that will draw so much attention. There are no half measures here. Like tonic water, gazpacho, your mother-in-law….You either like her or you don’t, there are no half measures here either.

The first thing you might find yourself asking is, where did this brand come from? It’s not very well known in Europe. It’s a North American brand, very focused on the café racer segment. Here the aesthetics is all and can be found on the rear and also in relief on the screen.

Let’s begin the analysis. This is a full face helmet, made of injection-moulded ABS (a type of thermoplastic resin), which affords great lightness. In this case we don’t have fibre as the main material, therefore, if you want a café racer motorcycle helmet with these features, you’d have to look at other manufacturers such as Shoei, AGV or Blauer.

Regarding the EPS, the inner shell is made in 3 pieces in order to absorb to the maximum the energy generated in the event of an impact. And as we’re talking about the interior, in spite of such an aggressive aesthetics, this helmet also has the comforts of our time: the inner padding is removable and washable. They are very comfortable, soft and breathable. You can be “modern” and not have to give up creature comforts. Of course you can!

But what has surely caught your eye is the chin bar with the air inlets that help give it the look it has. But, we can’t open or close them. This really is an old school look. Apart from this, so you know, the chin bar has moulded padding to dissipate the energy generated in frontal impacts.

On the other hand, the screen is clear, made of polycarbonate and is anti-scratch and anti-fog. A couple more features you’re going to appreciate. Also, it can be easily opened thanks to a simple tab on the left-hand side.

And finally, the closure is double buckle, the safest on the market. The helmet has ECE 22.05 homologation, which is obligatory for riding around Europe and the DOT homologation.


On to the close, this Biltwell lane Splitter is a helmet that, as we’ve said before, bets it all on the aesthetics. Is it the quietest motorcycle helmet on the market? No. Is it a helmet for riding at high speeds? Nope. But whoever is looking for this type of motorcycle helmet is not particularly looking for that.

By the way, it’s available in a ton of different colours. As always, we’ll remind you that in our web you have a Café racer and vintage filter to find all the helmets, jackets, gloves and motorcycle gear to go with your scrambler, café racer or custom motorcycle. For all tastes and pockets.


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