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Review: AGV Corsa R Rossi Goodwood helmet

Reviews and tests 24 April, 2017

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AGV presents the Corsa R, a new helmet that offers sporting benefits in circuit and road. Thanks to the incorporation of racing technology of the Pista GP R, the Corsa R is sportier than its predecessor, the AGV Corsa. In addition, the graphics of Valentino Rossi make it an amazing helmet.


The Corsa R shell is made of a composite of three fibers: aramid, glass and carbon, while in the interior we have an EPS of five densities. This multifiber construction is very resistant and has great absorption values ​​thanks to the multiple densities of EPS. The total weight of the helmet is 1400 grams.

AGV Corsa RGeneral view of the AGV Corsa R Rossi Goodwood.

The aerodynamic efficiency of the helmet is enhanced thanks to the transparent rear spoiler, which allows the airflow to improve stability and our engagement with the moto. This spoiler is designed to detach in case of impact, thus maintaining the rounded profile of the shell.

Precisely, another important point of the design of this helmet is that its lines are thought to dissipate the energy in case of impact, but without overloading the area of ​​the neck and the shoulders.


The ventilation system has been completely renovated. The air inlets are new and the system called IVS maintains the level of ventilation in the head and improves its distribution throughout the helmet, especially in the frontal area.

AGV Corsa RDetail of the air inlet that is in the chin rest of the Corsa R.

We can see five air inlets: three upper and two in the chin rest, all adjustable with on/off closures with up to three positions. The extraction of air is entrusted to a double rear exit, not adjustable.


The AGV Corsa R screen is also one of the novelties. It has anti-stripes treatment and supports for installation of Pinlock and also tear-off. In fact, AGV includes a Pinlock MaxVision and a tear-off kit with this helmet. Its design offers us the best possible vision in sports position and driving by road.

AGV Corsa RDetail of the rear spoiler of the AGV Corsa R, designed to be detached in case of accident.

The closure has a mechanism that prevents accidental opening of the screen and can be removed without tools.


The interior of the Corsa R also brings new features. The paddings have anti-bacterial and moisture absorption treatment and are completely removable and washable. In fact, the top of this padding is reversible: it has a warmer face and a cooler one to adapt this interior to the outside temperature.

AGV Corsa RLike any racing helmet, the AGV Corsa R closure is double ring.

The Corsa R has removable breath guard and chin curtain. Another important element is the New Safety Release System which allows the side padding to be removed in the event of an accident. The closure system is double buckle, the only system approved for circuit.

In short, the AGV Corsa R offers much more sportsmanship than previous versions and is perfect for circuit and road. In terms of graphics, AGV offers this helmet in monocolor versions but are also available with graphics of drivers like Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin or Jack Miller.


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