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Review: Fox V3 2018 helmet, magnet for motocross

Reviews and tests 6 September, 2017

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The Fox V3 is the premier racing helmet of the Fox brand. And for the 2018 season has been renovated in several key points that make the V3 an even lighter and more ventilated helmet, in addition to incorporating innovations to the market as the new magnetic anchor.


The shell has been redesigned with a new lighter multi-fiber composite than the previous one. This 2018 model weighs 100 grams less than previous V3, which is a remarkable difference. Fox offers four different sizes of shell and EPS.

Fox V3 2018The Fox V3 has the last novelties in terms of construction and safety.

In the design of the helmet, Fox applies a construction called MIPS (Protection System to Multidirectional Impacts). Thanks to their experience in competition, they have determined that in the majority of falls the head does not impact in a vertical angle, the angle can vary, causing us a rotation in the head.

So, Fox has designed a helmet that is able to absorb between 25 and 35% more this rotational energy. For this, the V3 has an extra layer of material between the EPS and the paddings, visible in this model in yellow, which improves the energy absorption of an impact.

Fox V3 2018The new Fox V3 has an extra layer of material between the EPS and the paddings, visible in this yellow model, which improves the energy absorption of an impact.


Fox introduces an important novelty in the market with the new system MVRS (Magnetic Visor Release System) that incorporates this V3. It is a system where the visor is anchored by magnets, eliminating the screws that have traditionally fixed the visor in the helmets.

Fox V3 2018Undoubtedly this is the most important innovation: the new MVRS system (Magnetic Visor Release System) that incorporates the V3.

The advantages? So apart from the ease of mounting and dismantling the visor, the reason for choosing the magnet system is that, in case of fall, the visor is more easily detached. In this way, safety improves in case of impact because the visor is an element that can hinder the absorption of the energy made by the shell and the EPS.


The new visor system has also forced to redesign the ventilation system. Now we have 14 air intakes, by 11 that had the previous model. This means that ventilation inside is greater, a key aspect in sports performance. More ventilation means better sweat drainage and better indoor temperature.

Fox V3 2018Image of the rear air vents that has the Fox V3 2018.

Of these entries, it is necessary to emphasize that in the chin rest there is an anti-dust filter in the main entrance. The air comes out through four rear exits.

Interiors and details

The paddings are made of Dri Lex fabric, which stand out for their ability to perspiration and sweat absorption. The fabric blends several types of fabrics, including mesh fabric to enhance perspiration.

The helmet is finished by a rubber band on all its base to avoid damages, but also around the gap of the glasses, thus offering more grip and support surface to the glasses.

Fox V3 2018The closure of the new V3 is of double buckle and the helmet is finished by a border of rubber in all its base to avoid blows that damage it, as we see in the image.

When we use the double buckle closure, we notice immediately that it is a high-end model for its comfort and lightness. The ventilation is remarkable, one of the best of the market. Fox knows that this is one of the most critical points in the off-road.

The Fox V3 is a different helmet to other off-road models of the market for its unique solutions in the design. Finally, the helmet is available in several decorations, all with the excellent details of Fox.


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