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Review: GIVI X16 Voyager, be practical!

Reviews and tests 1 August, 2016

We analyze...

The Givi 16 Voyager is the new open face helmet of the Italian brand. Situated in the mid-priced open face helmet segment, the Givi X16 Voyager offers all the comforts and amenities we look for in a touring and city helmet.

Made in technopolymer, a type of thermoplastic resin composite, the X16 Voyager features a design typical of current open face helmets, combining space for the folding chin, as well as for the integrated sun visor. This design presents aerodynamic lines that culminate in a rear spoiler. The total weight of the hull is around 1,690 grams for a size M.
GIVI X16 VoyagerGeneral view of the X16 Voyager.
The mechanism for raising the chinbar is on the inside. Pressing tais red button releases the anchoring system and we can raise the chin. The anchoring system is by pivots, so when we close it, we can hear a ‘clack’ that indicates the proper closing. Keep in mind that this helmet has been homologated to circulate only in full cafe position; in other words with the chin lowered.
Two top entries are the main ventilation in the X16 Voyager. Both are opened by ‘on/off’  type closures. Its operation is smooth and, thanks to the closures’ handles, they can be easily operated even with winter gloves on.
GIVI X16 Voyagerclose up of one of the upper air intakes (left) and view of the rear spoiler who holds the lonely air exit (right).
The air circulates inside the helmet, going out by the rear single exhaust sittuated on the rear spoiler. This rear exit in is not adjustable, so it always remains in open position. There is an additional air inlet in the chin, with the same type of closure that the above entries and its purpose is to impede screen fogging.
X16 Voyager screen features a scratch resistant treatment. In addition, it is prepared for installation of anti-fog Pinlock sheet, which does not come standard with the helmet. The lateral field of vision abailable to us is very good, an important factor if we are to move among city traffic.
GIVI X16 VoyagerThe sun visor downed (right) thanks to the cam, sittuated on the left of the chinbar (right).
As mentioned, this Givi has integrated sun visor, an element that gradually has become essential in the touring helmets like this. The cam drive is located on the lower left side, it is easy to work; the sun visors  ensures complete protection against the sun.
Interior and closure
Inside the Givi X16 Voyager we find a lining with antibacterial treatment to prevent moisture after prolonged use, besides being removable for washing. The lining is designed to provide optimum comfort on everyday and long journeys rides, combining a nice touch with optimal ventilation. In the upper zone, Givi arranged mesh fabric combined with a padded panels with piping lines to increase top entries’ air circulation.
GIVI X16 VoyagerInner top view, showing the mesh pannels and padding of the top zone.
The helmet comes with two practical accessories already assembled: nosecover and chincover. Finally, the fastener system is micrometric type.
GIVI X16 VoyagerClose up of the already mounted chincover (left) and the micrometric fastener (right).
The Givi X16 Voyager is a touring helmet that offers everything you need at a very reasonable price. A practical and versatile helmet, which is useful both in a day to day urban use and weekend getaways weekend and holidays travels.

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